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(tell me why) I dont like Mondays

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morning all,


well, i know why i dont like mondays - the Union at work have pushed a pledge from HR that we wont work split weekends - you either work both days or non at all - all very well, but it means you work more Mondays - and a breakdown service is always super busy on a Monday!!!!!!! still, its only till 1330 - or so i keep telling myself.


well, we finally watched Face off last night after 2 false starts (i have to be in the mood to sit that long) and i fell asleep! mom gave us a throw for the settee, and to be honest, its too flippin comfortable - i was asleep in minutes! HRM also likes it to play tents with as i found out yesterday


i'd better go and wolf my porridge down and get the bins out on the way to work.



lots of love to everyone who is feeling under par and maybe lurking a little (been there done that, realised no one minds at all!) and to everyone who is feeling tickety boo - share some of it will you?!




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well mroning all


this is the last monday in college as the end of this week is easter break :-) and its a 10.30 start


i have my spinning class tonight which i think i need as i ate a mcdonalds on fri and nibbled on choc and crisps yest :-(


did most of my pilot study over the weekend so i think i am ok in reseatch for thurs, not sure if the tutor is in this week (she was off i think with stress) so not sure whats happening there. i think as i have done most of my work i shall hand it in (looking like a swot) and leavin me with an easy eatser :-)


OH went to work for 8 this morning so he has a boring factory day but means its an early fin of about 5. he is worried about the whole raf thing now as he isnt sure about being away from me, in case i get scared of zombies or something lol.


bham was fun, we came last in the quiz it was really hard, name the line from what sheakspear play, football, music and occupations in dickens novels...arrgghhh or what???


well better do washin up from yest turky roll, onion mash and roasted parsnips. was v.tasty tho lol

then i shall chill before college with a cuppa and lark rise to candleford :-)


have a brill day all

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Morning all,


Just getting ready for work. Nice and sunny here today with a lovely breeze so have two loads of washing on the line. Means more ironing again tonight assuming the weather stays the same all day.


Finished phase 1 of SEB last night and started on phase 2. Made good progress.


Giddy - hope work goes smoothly for you and 1330 comes round quickly.


Jennie - have a good day at college and enjoy the spinning.


Everyone else who posts later hope you have a lovely day whatever you're doing.

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Morning girls! Brightish & a bit breezy here today too ........... rain on the way though :-S I need to pop out for a few bits at some stage & need to do the lounge but other than that I'll be knitting. More tea pot jumpers to do & a ballet wrap for a 4yr old too. I've had brilliant feedback from one of my misi orders :)


Giddy - hope 1.30 comes round very quickly :-)


Sharon - have a good day & I've snuck some more ironing in your basket!!!!


Jennie - have a good day at college.......


Hope everybody has a good day............



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Well after the rain and high winds here last night its lovely and sunny here this morning! Ellie wants to go to town and I need to go to post my SEB but she had a poorly botty last night (last of the sickness bug working its way through :-S ) so not sure if its wise so may leave it until after lunch to see how she is this morning. Need to pop to the LYS too as decided I don't have enough wool for my scarf so need to get more :)


Giddy hope work goes quickly for you - don't you just hate it when the powers that be at work come up with these bright ideas?

Jennie aww bless the OH - has he been playing to many games? Have fun at college, the count down for Easter break is on :-)

Sharon wot more ironing? I have loads too as I did the bare minimum yesterday to ensure OH had stuff for work :roll: :cheese:


Hope everyone else is bright and breezy today too and if not hope you find some sunny mojo soon :-)

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