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I dont like mondays

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Morning all from a very yukky me :-S Spent most of yesterday in bed after church & don't feel any better today but hey ho! Going to knit & need to wrap DD's b'day pressie to go into the post. Still need to take some piccies too ...


angel - am thinking of you today :-)


Mrs H - it's not very bright here either. Hope you get your walk in.


Susie - sorry your still full of cold - not long till DS1 will walk through your door :-)


k&f - hope you found your toothbrush! Talk later.


Sharon - have a good day at work.


Dreamy - hope you enjoy playgroup.


Off to find my needles. Talk later.



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Morning All


Back to the same old same old for me.

Work coming later, more of the tax disks, nice easy job.

Going to collect DD2 from her sleep/stay at 10.30 and will stop off at the post office on the way back to pay some bills.

Finished the bits for Flossie last night at knitty club and started on her dress. Cant remember what I did with my stuffing tho so will probably have to search for that.


Knitty club was quiet last night just me and my Swiss friend, the others being whisked off to do something romantic. I was surprised to see Anne-C there but, aparently, she and her OH dont do Valentines as its 1 too comercialized and 2 too expensive. She says he does other things thro the year to show her how he feels and so does she - ahhh.

Although our little group was quiet the place we have it (the Picturehouse Cafe - upstairs from the cinema) was heaving. The guy behind the counter (David) said hed been run off his feet all weekend as they were having a 'valentines' weekend with special offers for couples etc, We usually take over one of the sofa 'squares'(sofas set around a table) but last night had to squadge up on two off the big pooffies in the corner as it was sooooo busy, plus it was quiz night! So you can imagine.....


Hope everyone blazes thru their housework/chores and gets loads of knitty time.

Sending supportive vibes to Angel for her ordeal today.

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Morning all,


Had a fab valentines night and an a lovely sleep (well as best as can be with two poorly boys who woke twice during the night)........Need to go shopping today for a couple bits and post a card but feel rather sick so not sure if I will....


Going to make the boys some cupcakes today and carry on with my cardi....


Hope all had a lovely evening weather much needed rest or productive evening was on the cards..,.


Suz- Hope you have a lovely time with your son....


Buzy - Poor you and I read about that woman... WHAT a pain in the you know what she is becoming.


Dreamy - Have fun at playgroup...




x x

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Morning all!! Im enjoying day one of not getting up at half 5 :cheese: and although Ive got things I probably should be doing Im enjoying sitting about in my dressing gown and clicking my needles on a stripey scarf and may indulge further by throwing a chick-flick and some hot chocolate into the mix. May attempt to whittle down the WIPs a little this week, though I expect knowing me Im more likely to start something new instead :lol:


Giddy - enjoy your sofa shopping :)


Sharon - I hate when shampoo magically vanishes too... always happens in this house yet no-one ever used the last of it up :lol:


Angel - Shall be thinking of you but good for you for standing your ground!! I have a dreadful tendency to just roll over and take it then get upset when I get home!!


Dreamy - hope you enjoy playgroup :)


su2ie - some cake making sounds like great fun.... hope you and Ellie have a good day :)


Fi - Hope you feel better!!


Sorry if Ive missed anyone else out.... have a good day everyone :) :) xxxx

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woo done 1 piece of homework and struggled as i couldnt remember what to do lol...think i got it write and hope i gave enough detail.

not doin the other planned for today as my barin doesnt want to work...well neuther do my hands...they are frozen :-(

plus that one i am leaving doesnt need to be in til may.....but will quickly go over my immigration/racism essay and put my capital letters in, i keep missin them out.... and will add a bit more on the english defence legue

THEN i think its lunch time and MY time to knit/crochet and catch up on being human and lark rise to candleford as OH finishing early and he hates them. plus i ahve been very good and deserve my break lol


lol decided on noodles with my chicken soup for tea, i have some great carrot noodles :-) only take 3 mins to cook.


now will go and wrap up warm with a hottie and a warm drink.....not sure what to ahve for lunch....???

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