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Cannot attach a pic to a pm...why?

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Hi. I'm confused.


I generally reduce pictures to the size : Web Documents (Large). This size uploads no problem when I post a pic with a thread and is the size I always use. Compressing pictures to thumbnail size works too.

I've tried both of these but when I try to attach them to a pm it's not allowing me.

I compressed the pics to web size (thumbnail), then I tried reducing further to e-mail size which is only 12.9KB and still no luck.......is there something I'm missing or doing wrong?


x Dreamy

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The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed

Allowed Filetypes: application/octet-stream, application/pdf, application/x-shockwave-flash, application/x-stuffit, application/x-tar, application/x-tar, application/zip, application/x-gzip, image/bmp, image/gif, image/jpeg, image/jpeg, image/jpeg, image/x-png, text/plain, text/html, application/msword, application/msword, application/excel, application/excel, video/x-flv, video/quicktime, video/quicktime, video/mpeg, video/mpeg, audio/mpeg, audio/x-aiff, audio/x-aiff, audio/aac


This is what is coming up when I attempt to attach a pic to the pm.

Can anyone help please?


One more thing ... the file name is followed by the letters JPG in upper case....does this make a difference and if so how do I make them lower case?



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