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Souffle (from Popcorn the Bear) knitting kit (yarn problem)

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I have a small problem.

I am knitting Souffle the Duckling at the moment. It is a kit that has yarn, pattern and embelishments.

My problem is the yarn. It is like eyelash yarn. And every time I cut it , the yarn falls apart into small threads. Do you see what I mean?


Any advise on how I can stop it from falling apart and making a mess on my sofa?


Ahh! Souffle is so cute !!!

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Erm... with some eyelash yarns you can cut from behind so to speak so you only snip through the chord type bit rather than the lashes? Dont know if that might be worth a try? I was just looking at the popcorn bear kits they are soooooo cute!! Id love to knit one but then I would want to keep it afterwards :lol: xxx

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