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Weightloss Accountability System!

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What a great idea!

Can I add my pledge of sticking to my 22 points a day and wii fiting at least half an hour a day.

I have always been the short (I am going to say curvy) curvy daughter. Where as my 2 sisters were both tall and slim. Then we hit 30. I got curvier but so did they. I wasn't the biggest anymore :lol:

Now one sister has had stomach surgery and is on a liquid diet until Christmas, the other has decided to get healthy and I don't want to be the biggest at Christmas!

Hubby and kids will support me but it always helps to have that extra support from friends :-)

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Well done Busy

Well done Su2ie

Well done Me


3 happy fat fighters anyway! Hope the rest of you are feeling as pleased with yourselves?


Welcome Squeakie! You have all the support you need here my dear......and now that you've made a pledge, well, you couldn't POSSIBLY break a promise to your knitty pals now could you?!

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Hey had my salad with chicken - no mayo but the light salad cream and a bit of salsa on the side to spice it up - then a caramel snackajack for puds.

May look into weight watchers but not very good following points. Prefer Slimming world but no classes near me. Oh well.....


Good luck everyone and welcome on board Squeakie!

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