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Emily Davies

Issue 5: Polymer Clay Masterclass Correction

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Ah, but they are utterly scrumptious! (In fact, you should post some pictures on the jewellery making thread...I'm only a beginner in lampwork, but the girls would LOVE to see how a proper professional does it!) And your website is amazing too!



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Hi seaweed, only just found this post - so excuse the LATE replay!


Polymer clay is fab stuff. It comes in a huge range of colours. You can model with it , mould it, extrude it. After baking sand it, carve it, paint it. It really is versatile stuff.


Unlike other types of clay, it doesn't dry out in the air, so when you are working on a project there is no rush to finish. YOu can take a break and come back to it the next day, the next month if you like. Just over it over with some baking paper or foil to protect from dust.


To handle, it feels very similar indeed to plasticine, although not quite as hard.



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