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Summer's Hotting Up!

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I am paying attention - just not as often as I'd like at the moment!


Our summer is beginning to get into the "busy" bit so I've not been crafting much lately! My lovely family are visiting from Scotland next week so I'm really looking forward to that! My nephew, who is 14, is a real entrepreneur and is selling his homemade cards as fast as he can make them! I'm hoping he'll be impressed with my new "craft room" and leave me with lots of inspiration!


Next on the agenda is sailing our boat down to Ipswich for repairs, we were hit by a rig rescue vessel whilst on our mooring in June ... it could only happen to .... !!!


I expect that will take up most of our summer holiday and keep me happily occupied scrubbin the decks, polishing the hull, doing all the jobs that keep us safe in the water during the winter and commuting up and down the A12 to keep an eye on mum and make sure she's not getting up to mischief! Who knows we may even have a little time left to do some sailing along the East Coast - be great if we could manage a week in London! Watch this space ...


We need to be home again for the 24th August ready for work and college etc. I hope to keep in touch, when Internet connection allows, but in the meantime hope you all have a wonderful "crafty" summer, chat soon!

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So very envious! We do a lot of sailing , but don't own our own yacht.....yet! We charter them from Brixham and often sail around the Devon and Cornwall coast. SOmetimes out to the Channel Islands. What a lovely lifestyle to have being free on the water. Enjoy your summer too and hope you get lots of inspiration from your nephew xxx

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