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Tenterhook Tuesday!!

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Hallo! I'm less grumpy now (see the stress-busting thread for the reason for my mood). Am not long in from work and am really looking forward to a bacon and egg softie (roll) for my tea. Yum! Need to get going with some cleaning as I want the house sorted out before we go on holiday. My lovely neighbour is going to look after the cats and keep an eye on the house, so I want it spotless!


Poor Callum's been in the wars today. The childminder went to Homebase and Callum touched a barbecue. The handle came off in his hand and bashed him on the head. He's got a tiny little cut across the top of his nose. Then, as they were leaving, he fell just outside the shop and skint his knees - he was wearing shorts. Poor bairn! He's happy enough now so it's ok


Two days left to work before my holiday. Hooray! I am soooo looking forward to the break. Cheap and cheerful, quite literally a stone's throw from the sea and a fab park, a family-friendly pub across the road from the house, and a very, very well-stocked bar in the house. :) :) :) My smiley's aren't working so you're getting three smiles instead of a mega-happy face!



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Oh Angel, poor Callum! Hope he feels better soon, my DS1 is always falling and cutting his knees and elbows, then he has to cover the boo boo's with lashings of sudocreme, it's hilarious!

That holiday sounds ideal, I wish we were going somewhere this year, very happy for you though, you deserve it, enjoy! (and finger's x'd you get good weather)


Everyone else you have my sympathies trying to keep the 'kids' entertained for the summer... mine are only 2yrs 10mths and 14mths but even that can be a challenge sometimes! - the only good thing is that they are still a little young to give any back chat (I dread the day!!)


Had a great day, the weather improved enormously, went food shopping, got our wills witnessed in the solicitors (how very morbid but hey.. essential!), then to the garden centre for a browse, coffee & calories - yum :-P


OH is at an auction and the boys are asleep so for the first time in WEEKS I have the house, and more importantly, the computer, to myself for a little while!


Have a good evening everyone, off to cast up another cerulean, this one's for me as the one I just posted on the 'Cerulean Fashion Show' thread is a present for my sister's birthday.


Chat soon.................

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Hi Dreamy, Callum's fine, he just looks a bit bashed! Little boys are supposed to be bumpy and bruisey though - oh and dirty!

So you finally mastered the Cerulean? Glad to hear it. I get really frustrated when I can't quite get to grips with something but know that it should be simple.

I really like everybody's Miss XXXX writing but I've not sussed out how to do it yet. I'll have to mess about in my profile til I work it out :)

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It's very easy.


Go into Your Control Panel

Click on Edit Signature

Type in whatever your signature is eg Miss Green or whatever

Then highlight the letters in that signature that you want to change to a different colour

While they are highlighted (they will be blue) click on the colour botton and select the colour you want

Continue as necessary

Then click Update Signature and voila!!


Go on give it a go! :)

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evening all



WELL how exciting was it this morning!!!!!!!! I could see the tension building, but darent have signed in at work. Well done to Buzyknitting and nab as the winners


I am just putting my avon order on (waiting for a customer to text me, she has till 9pm!) then will be finishing the Goth flowers, am on number 3 at the mo.


Warwick had his first taste of "controlled crying" tonight - I kept popping in to let him know we were there, but was firm that he had to get himself off to sleep. it took about 45 mins of to-ing and fro-ing,but we got there. My heart was racing but we managed it yay!




hope everyone is ok this fine eve




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