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Magazine Binder?

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Hey everyone!


I was wondering are magazine binders going to be available for Make Jewellery magazine? I would like to keep my magazines nice for when I want to look at them for ideas in the future.


I would also like Issue 1 of the magazine as it's the only one I don't have. Seen one on ebay but don't fancy bidding over the odds for it. Is there any chance I could order one?



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Hi Heather,


There are plans in progress for binders, I know they are being worked on as we speak! We will be sure to announce when they are available and how you'll be able to obtain them.


Unfortunately issue 1 is out of stock and so you probably won't be able to obtain a back copy of it. It was very popular as it was the first issue. Sorry for any disappointment!


Emily :)

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