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happy monday!

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hope everything pans out alright there.

I am trying to be good and finish something.

I have been experimenting with one of the hair bands and have got loads of dk wool.it is an easy pattern but I keep losing my place(will have to note it down).


Sorry to hear about the family .Sending condolences.

had a really good weekend actually went out.

Was like a pumpkin though back by midnight am a light weight these days(great party though...........hosted by a lovely asian friend whose family were out partying us all big style)

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Littlemiss - what a week you've had.I'm not surprised your exhausted. Sending you lots of love & <<>>. Will be thinking of you tomorrow for your interview & praying it goes really well for you. Try & get an early night so you can be on top form tomorrow.


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hi everyone

hope today has been a bit better for everyone, sending you all lots of hugs and love as things have been a bit topsy-turvy for everyone this last week or so... :blank: does anyone think it's something in the air or the weather or something? i was putting it down to time of month but then again, i always blame that for everything... :-S

anyhoo, hope everyone's afternoon goes a lot better... :)

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Well I spent ages about an hour ago replying but when I went to hit the post button my tinternet threw a wobbly and I lost the post >:-(


Hope I can remember what I said!

Lauren - so sorry for your loss so big <> are being sent your way. (edited to add good luck with interview, which was in my original post!)

Fiona - OH a good talker but not a good listener! He breaks up for his hols today though so here's hoping a few weeks rest will put him to rights.

Buzy - hope you find your energy soon, in the meantime rest up and enjoy knitting :)

Blinx - just go for it with the cerulean - don't bother with tension square (am I really saying that?) and just measure across your back as you will find it doesn't need to be as long as the pattern says and its a satisfyingly quick knit :-)

Emmilou - think it must be something in the air - everyone is going stir crazy!


Soz if I've missed anyone.

Well back from town with a groaning buggy that needed Ellies weight to stop it tipping over!

Bad news - going to have to frog my tansy, despite checking the tension its measuring small so I'm going to do the largest size and hope this compensates for the DK held double instead of the chunky stuff its supposed to be. Going to omit the stripes as well as its doing my head in!

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