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Torrential Tuesday

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Well its finally raining here in not so sunny Co. Kerry so it feels a lot fresher :-)


Ellie woke me up just after 6am so just a tad tired atm especially as I didn't go to bed until late. Watched a weird film called The Ruins.


Well not sure what we're doing today. OH is off today and we were supposed to be going out for lunch but then he's been saying that since last September so I won't hold my breath on that one, especially as he is still struggling with the giving up of the little white sticks.


Think bunny watch will be out too. They may come out in the rain but not sure if I want to stand there getting soaked with Ellie looking for them!


Right peeps - speak to you later - hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you're doing :-)

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Morning!! Sorry Susie but already warm here. We've got a bit of a breeze which is nice. I watched Andy Murray's match to the end last night & feeling the effects today :-S Was a great match tho :-) I'm not a great tennis fan but you've got to support a brit haven't you.

I hope to alter a skirt later - the waist's too high & annoys me. So I'm going to take out the zip, Chop a bit off the top & then put the zip back in & redo the facing. The problem with a long body is the waist is always in the wrong place.

Well off for a shower & a little trip for bag handles & a few buttonsbefore I get sewing.

Happy Tuesday everybody :-)



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Hey Buzy I don't mind the rain, its freshening up the place!

Forgot to say I lined one of my bags last night but may wait until I have my sewing machine here before I do more. Hand sewing seams never seems very secure to me.

Have fun with your sewing, its great to be able to adjust clothes to fit better :-)

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Hi ya


Just a quick message before i pop to sainsburys!!! As have my friend and two lil ones popping over as i have not seen them in two years as they moved over to new zealand!!!! So they have not met Jake and Charlie!!!


Panicking a lil as working out finances for Jakes party in four weeks and need some cheap food ideas?????




Fruit pots

Sandwiches cut out in shapes

Mini quiches



and chicken


Then the cake


Ice lollies

Boxed raisans


Suz- Hope you get your lunch and enjoy the refreshing rain!!!!


Buzy- Snap i saw that match and def feeling the affects!!!!! Well enjoys you shopping trip!!!!



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Hi Fiona - just pm-d you and forgot to mention to enjoy your day with your friend!


Food idea - never forget the old staple of rice crispy cake! Fairly easy and cheap to do :-)

You could also do some plain cheese and tomato pizza's cut into triangles.


Hope someone comes up with better ideas than me.

Will have a think and get back to you!

Have fun!

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Morning all, afraid I fell asleep in front of the telly last night several times whilst trying to watch the Murray game and eventually dragged myself up to bed. Think he won didn't he, but I missed the end. I think I got as far as the 4th set...


'Tis lovely and sunny here today. We're set for another scorcher so really envying your rain Su2ie. Don't think we get any 'til Friday.


Have a good day one and all. :cheese:

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