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Manic Monday

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The sea works mostly by cooling you down. Prickly heat is malfunctioning sweat glands, so if you can get your skin to stop wanting to sweat, it will at least stop feeling so annoyed.


Plus, it is common in creases, because they are where heat gets trapped, but you actually have sweat glands all over, and they can start failing you anywhere. It sounds like yours is happening where skin gets rough from wear and tear. Mine is mostly on the parts of me that are freezing all winter, I think my skin has forgotten how to sweat in those.


Sorry about this post, to anyone who found it a bit gross.

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Thanks for that RC - you are very informative, not gross at all :)

I'm just glad mines not as bad as normal atm although I do look like a bit of a reptile on my left hand!

Hopefull it will ease today as its pouring down with rain. I'm actually contemplating a walk in the rain after all this sunshine :-)

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