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What do you most LIKE about knitting

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yes Rc I utterly agree.

Even young kids who wear really trendy things will say to me "did you knit that?" and I'll often say"yes ,although it's not my best," and they'll say "it's nice though" ,and "my mum couldn't do that".


I suppose it is like that with sewing to.

I think that fact that it makes you talk to people you might otherwise not .

You know in shops and such

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Ah bit better today when Ellie showed off her pink headband at toddlers - envious comments of I wish I could do that, I find it difficult as I'm left handed and oh my mum used to do it but then the wool became expensive so not quite so negative but then there were only 3 mums including myself there today!


I agree RC, they last and when they're grown out of they can be passed on to someone else if they're for kids!

Blinx - my mum still thinks my brothers are just being awkward being veggies and that I pretend to be allergic to stuff and its all in my mind!

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not sure.


yes I bet those who are allergic get that to.

(I mean some folk are faddy but if you come out in hives the second you eat something or are sick it's fairly obvious)


I am trying to think of more things I like about knitting.

I think most people have already said the same as I would have said.

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