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Its Thursday Sleepy Heads!

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Jane - fortunately it was a different receptionist on the Booby Bus (What a great name!) so I didn't feel embaressed having turned up 24hrs early for my appt :red:

Stacey - I agree about dark choccie - it is very good for your iron levels. I ate loads when I was pregnant with my daughter. Hope you feel better soon.


Susie - what a grump your OH is being. Can I post anything to you?


Well off to try & think of what to do for the comp & watch Simon Baker in the Mentalist...........droooooool !!

Night night everyone. Talk to you tomorrow.

Buzy :)

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Thanks for the offer of posting stuff Buzy but I know the exact shop to get my supplies from in England in my old home town and know my MIL knows where it is so I might avail to her good nature. Might ask her to get a cheap ball of grey wool whilst she's there for the mice I want to knit for Ellie. Here they said no one wants grey wool - fabric shop gets it in and its sold out within a few days, before I managed to go there!!! So no one wants it huh?


Annie - before I found out about my gluten allergy I used to get pies from greggs too - very lovely!!!

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