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Its Thursday Sleepy Heads!

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Hi knit&flee; - had my boobies squashed yesterday in Tesco 's carpark - well in the mobile breast screening unit in the car park!! Will get the results in 2 weeks. Chris gone out to get dinner - so no cooking for me on our anniversary.


Susie - the bread should be with the ordinary bread not in the gluten free bit - so you never know they may stock it.


Still don't know what to do for the challenge. Do we have to make up a pattern or do something we've got a pattern for or adapt it? My one brain cell is very tired today. Anyway - off to set the table. May even find a candle or two. Have a good evening everyone.

Buzy :)

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hello, I'm tired to day keep falling to sleep Ha ! I found out I have a low Haemoglobin yesterday that's why I want to sleep a lot.

ha at least I now I'm not lazy now :cheese: I see a specialist soon so he/she will sort me out I hope.

I'm going to sit with my needle and have ago at knitting my new pink bag for my Fav pampering bits, :-) catch you all later xxx


Sounds like you have all been busy, don't forget to stop and have some fun (((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



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Evening all

Buzy - congratulations 32yrs - Happy Anniversary - was it the same receptionist person at Tesco in the Booby Bus?

Suzie - Competitions as well, how do you fit it all in?

Sharon - did you take your knitting to compare needles, that'd make their eyes water!

Knit&Flee; (sorry tried to reference your name to no avail) WII fit - no wonder your legs are tired, it makes me tired looking at it, friends hubby got tennis elbow, something to do with no impact on the swing causing it! (having met him I think it's more beer drinking RSI)

Annie - what part of the country are you in? The reference to Greggs set me off, I have to hunt high and low for those when I'm out and about.

Stacey - Lots of dark chocolate is good source of iron (conned my midwife into thinking I was taking iron tablets when I was pregnant!)

Lauren - What's the job you fancy? And fingers crossed for the interview.

Julie - as for knitting and parent jobs - 'if evolution really worked, mothers would have more than one pair of hands'

I think that's everyone HELLO'ed to.

Today's been one of those days - I work in a Nursery and sometimes feel my 'other job' is unpaid 'PA' to the parents! Honestly, I'm sure Annie can relate. I've taken to to pre-empting them and writing notes on post-its - 'school visit, pick up at 1pm, leave car seat for dad, don't forget to take blanket............

The kids are great they just roll their eyes, hold their hands and smile knowingly.

Ok , moan over - anything exciting planned for the weekend? I need inspiration. It's father's day on Sunday and as mine is THE most brilliant, I'm trying to think of something nice. We (his children and respective partners) got him a hot air ballooon flight once - with an excellent forgery at the bottom of the gift certificate saying 'an all inclusive bungie jump from the clouds' - it's been a bit hard to top after that.

Well, baths to run, tomorrows lunches to make, more work to do before bed. Not forgetting NCIS and the Mentalist, whilst knitting of course.


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Hey Buzy - will have a look for the bread :) For the challenge I've designed something but can't get the supplies here and the OH won't get them for me from the UK when he goes over either so I'm a bit gutted. Will have to improvise I guess. Very unfair considering he's ordered stuff from the USA for his hobby when he couldn't get it here but better not go down that route of whinging about him I suppose!!!


Sharon I'm glad they've found out what's wrong so hopefully you can move forwards now. Have fun with the knitting tonight :-)

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Hi Jane, you must have been posting just as I was - you made me smile about the PA to the parents :lol:


My mum is off on holiday with my dad on Sunday so no luck there but maybe my MIL can help. Can't say what I need - closely guarded secret!!!! If I manage to make it then everyone will think, oh is that all, I thought she was knitting the crown jewels out of a golden fleece the way she was going on.... Might have to rethink everything :-S

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