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Has anyone made a Tiara yet from issue 3?

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Hello Everyone!


Just wondering if anyone has or is about to make a tiara from issue 3!


I have just received my order to make the pinks and greens tiara from the masterclass on page 52!


So excited to start making it!


I also really like the blue one with the necklace and earrings also.


I also have a quick question. are Swarovski crystal elements is their a difference between those and just normal Swarovski crystals? Just wondering....


Sophie xx

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i have made a few tiaras and got my inspiration from the jewellery mag 3

here is one on my daughters head, the rest are on the jewellery forum



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I believe Swaroski Crystal Elements is the brand name for the entire range, covering beads, buttons, pendants and shapes, but I could be wrong...

I have a tiara base, crystals, pearls and wire, but no inspiration just yet!

Maybe next weekend...



look forward to your picture Sophie!

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Hi Sophie,


That's great that you're excited to start making the tiaras. We had such fun ooohhhing and aaahing over them in the office! And Chris, your tiara is lovely, I'm going to hop over to the jewellery forum to see the others. Keep the pictures coming!


Dee, your quite right, Swarovski Crystal Elements is the trademarked name so we have to use that in the magazine, but whilst you're out shopping, or to anyone on the street, Swarovski crystals are what they're commonly known as.


I look forward to seeing all your makes! And I'm now off to set up a Make Jewellery challenge, our first! So be sure to choose your favourite make and enter it in the Craft Challenges section and you might win a prize!!


Emily :)

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