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I did it again!!! I came into this site, went straight to the forum had a wee look see, went to post and realised that I had forgotten to log on.........................doh...............I do it every time, you would think I would know by now!


Thanks for the Almanac mention Katy, will have a wee gander and see what it is all about, crikey the rate I knit, it would be a project for every 3 months or so. I mega concentrate and if I am working a pattern that is not stocking stitch I need complete silence and need to go through to another room is hubby is watching the gogglebox.


Sel x

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I rememeber when I made Katy laugh...when I suggested mixing salt with olive oil to make a scrub for rough dry knitters hands, and I said you would smell like a meditaranean restaurant, but it worked to mend the hands. Now the reason I mention this again, is we ate in the med last night (it's a Spanish owned place down the road, I didn't leave the country for dinner :) ) and I was sitting there thinking "I wish someone would make this into a perfume"...Eau de Dinner in Spain :-) .


I know it is off topic, but I have just seen a perfume called "Meditaranean" :lol: Clearly I am not totally nuts...probably doesn't smell of a restaurant though.

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