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Loving the two buttons designs Yvonne, they're lovely! :-)

Seaspirit, you have a real talent there. :)


I'm still skipping along my learning to sew road, finding new fabrics to inspire me and learning new stitches. At the moment I'm learning how to cross stitch, I've got a tapestry on the go too (my first ever - had to learn a new stitch to start it), and I've just begun a quilt this afternoon. It's from a magazine I won't mention the name of, but will hopefully teach me about the history of quilting as well as lots of different techniques. This afternoon I tried out the first patch, called a Double Four. The object of this one was to make sure your seams were perfectly aligned and I reckon I didn't do too badly! :-) What do you think? :)


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have stolen an idea from a friend, she uses shiney matterial and does what she calls rough patchwork, where the paper fabric backing is cut so the edges don't quite meet so the fabric has to be slightly eased into shape, I havn't finnished mine yet, but hers look alive as you move accprss the room as the light hits differn't parts of the shiney fabrics, I am using off cut of silk andscrap remnat of a beaded voil with shiney fabric underneath,


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hello forum mate sewers


hope everyone is in the mood...


got inspired from a sewing episode online and

a friend got a crush on it and i gave it a try

the result was nice and my friend was

satisfied..my . Maniquin Jewellery Holder


materials are left over fabric , old candle holder,glue and

embellishments which my mother in law

had for years.


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Hi everyone, I hope you like my latest make, Tea Towel Totes. Easy tote bags made from 2 tea towels, totally reversible and a simple gusset base.

Great for beginners to sewing, have a go! I made the blue red and yellow ones from M&S tea towels and the dotty and stripey ones from NEXT tea towels, it beats drying the dishes!






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