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I'm currently working on an Amy Butler Everything bag. Was going great and just need to do the handles. Had to stop for an assignment and haven't got up speed again.


Might try and get it done later. Whoops sorry, just realised this is knitting. In that case I'm working on loads of things that will probably never get finished. 1 baby cardigan that just needs a hood band, 2 x toddler jumpers and shaun the sheep lol

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I don't get as much time as I would like for sewing but each year I make fancy dress outfits for my dogs to wear at a fun day we attend. Last year I made a Sherlock Bones outfit for my dog Archie using some old dress fabric from my stash. I managed to get a copy of Sew today and am looking forward to going through it.


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Here are a few bits in the meantime as wine halted further progress on the bag tonight.


These are in my kitchen/diner :) and there's a roman blind to match on the other window. I'm really pleased with them :)


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