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Sorry for delay in getting back to you. I have just become a grandma for the first time on friday night and I'm so excited and spending lots of time with her


I haven't made Hatty but I think what the problem might be is that you use Yarn A only for rows 37 - 46.


Where a pattern says work in a particular yarn/ colour it means for the instructions written underneath.  Hopefully this will sort out colours. Let me know please

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Dear Goose,

What wonderful news. I can not blame you for spending time with the new addition to the family. A child brings love that is so special, strong and unique.A child gives you the best present possible, a family.what is your granddaughter called? It would be wonderful to see a picture of her if her mum doesn't mind.

As for my Hatty the elephant, thank you again for the assistance. I have now completed it, well almost i just have to put it together. I am terrified that i will mess this stage up but i am taking my time and watching many videos so hopefully i will not mess up.

But i will probably back for so advice.

Take good care

Many thanks


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Hi there, new to this forum. I think of myself as an intermediate knitter. I'm having some difficulty with a pattern from the Baby Knits Collection, the pattern is called "Royal Welcome". I've done the hat, gloves and the soles of the bootees. I'm now trying to do the rest of the bootees but am having problems I keep ending up with holes.


The pattern states "using 3.75mm needles cast on seven sts. Row 1: kfb in first st, k4, kfb in next st, k1. Nine sts. Row 2: sl1, (k1B, p1) four times. Row 3: kfb in first st, k to last two sts, kfb in next st, k1. 11 sts.


Last two rows set patt with incs


Cont in patt work two rows inc one st as set at each end of every row. 15 sts"


Now the line that says 'last two rows set patt with incs' is clearly incorrect as Row 2 does not have an increase in it. Please help





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