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Hi all

I am rather unhappy with the resut of row 27 of hatty the elephant of lets knit magazine issue 76. The row pattern states: p10, cast one st. P to end. 20 sts. Ive done this but its left quite a un natural hole in the knitting. Is this because i casted off one st over two? Or should i cast off one st over one stitch? Many thanks for your help in advance.

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Thank you very much Goose, i have a much better result. Its taken me a awhile as i end up trying to pull back just to that row but then total lost some stitches so i undid the whole thing and i am now back to where i was.

But again i am really unhappy with rows 31-36. I know i have asked about them before but when i look at the picture of the elephant it does match up with the pattern.


My problemis this- rows 31-36:rep Rows 29-30 three times.

Work in yarn A only.

Now at this moment my front leg has the top where the leg begins is peach then blue

The elephant picture has peach where leg begins then a blue stripe,peach stripe,blue stripe then one more peach stripe is the very last.

Then you have a block of blue which is underneath the leg.

If i do tne next batch of rows in yarn a which is blue it will be odd to the picture. Please could someone explain what im doing??????

I thought i may just work out all this pattern stuff but oh my! -all knitters,Crocheters deserves inmense respect and honour for all you make and understand.

Please if someone could help me i will be very gratefully.

I cant give up.!

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