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Yarn Tree

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Yarn Tree web site says this:


'Send for a FREE Learn To Cross Stitch Kit. Send an addressed stamped envelope to Yarn Tree, PO Box 724, Ames, IA 50010. The kit contains the Beginner Chart & Instruction shown above, fabric, floss, and needle. Send one to a friend who might like to learn cross stitch! If you are sending to a friend, please include a short note in the addressed stamped envelope letting your friend will know that you requested the kit for them.'




I know this might not be much use to us here in the UK as Yarn Tree are America but anyone who lives in America who knows someone who wants to try cross stitch and willing to send a SAE might be off use to them. But I don't know what the chart will be off or what the threads will be like or what the kit is like.

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