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Joanne royle

has anyone hired the rug doctor from B&Q

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We hired one from homebase, it cost about £20-25, but then you buy a bottle of the shampoo aswell, they also do different shampoos and sprays for different stains and stuff. We got the 'high traffic area' spray and also a 'pet' spray as we had a toilet training puppy at the time! :)


They are really good, the only thing that I didnt like about it was that we had to change the water a lot, but then we were doing the dining room which was a through fare from living room to kitchen and also the room the puppy was in so there was a lot of muck in that carpet! lol


I found it quite theraputic! Once I got going and could see the progress it was making, I was on a roll! We got it with the intention of doing the dining room and hall way and I ended up doing every carpet in the house! All in an afternoon!


Well worth the money I think, would love to buy mu own carpet cleaner but just don't have room to store it so the rug dr is ideal for us.


Also, once you've bought the shampoo you can use it the next time you hire the rug dr, so you don't have to pay for it each time you hire a cleaner.


Hope everyones experiences will help you decide!

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