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I've bought beading magazies before but find beadwork hard to follow - needs a lot of patience! I keep coming to a standstill with jewellery making in between ideas, so i would like to see some new techniques to rejuvinate my hobby. When you find a new idea it is exciting to think of all the new things you can make! It would be excellent if there were unusual projects like fimo cane making, pieces you wouldn't find in the shops. I like to browse dramatic pieces for inspiration, with or without instructions! The chance to submit photos would be fun, maybe for a jewellery challenge. Maybe an 'on trend' section on modern jewellery would inspire people to handcraft jewellery?


Thinking of subscribing but i wasnt sure as i'm only good at pendants and earrings! I should really try to make some charm bracelets as they seem popular, juts haven't thad the motivation!

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