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Crafts Beautiful 2

Have you made anything from the mag yet?

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Hi fellow beaders!


I'm sure that, like me, you're super excited at our brand new launch, Make Jewellery, and have already gone on a bit of a beading marathon in celebration.


I'm having a bash at the cover project tonight (see the attached picture)- although I don't have any amethyst in my stash,I do have some yummy black and silver crystals that would make some very sparkly earrings -and just wondered if any of you have singled any favourite projects out yet, or had time to have a go?

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In asda you should find them in the recomended read section.


There are promotions in most supermarkets so there Make Jewellery isnt in the sectrion it would usually be in.


Best thing to do is call the supermarket and see if they stock the magazine.


I dont want you to miss out on the magazine

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