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Morning all,would love to have you all in my shop with a hot drink on a snuggly couch having a good chinwag....i,m holding on to my dream and one day.....How are things with you sequin still hanging on?So you gonna let us know yet what your dream buisness is?look forward to hearing all about it,catch you later,cheerio for now tracy xx


Morning queenie! how lovely it would be just to sit around on comfy sofas with a mug of tea or whatever, having a good natter with everyone in your dream shop, right now.


Course i'll let you know my dream job queenie! Shall tell all later on as got couple things to do first and it will take a while for me to write, i think!


have a great day and thanx to you too for being such a good friend on here.




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i've just started my new dream business!


designing my own range of stamps!!


Ooooh, looking forward to hearing more!


*Edited to add*


I've just visited your blog and seen your stamps! My first thought was "Oh no, another lot to start collecting!!" :gulp:


They are fab hun, I can't wait to start buying them (when pennies allow)


Jules x

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My Dream Business:


To have my own lake where all the spots for fishing are level and accessible and to have good accommodation for small groups of disabled people and their carers/helpers/buddies, etc. There'd be a cosy lodge with a huge friendly kitchen and seating for all...


Then, at the side of the property would be my Studio and Craft Barn/ recreation space for the carers/helpers and crafty people to come and play. There'd be loads of stash,tools workshops by people who are kindhearted enough to donate their time to help people who are often forgotten/overlooked...


And we'd try to make it as affordable as possible and have groups of teens who are in danger of going off the rails down for a week's course very 3 months or so, to see if we can't help get them back on track!


Anyone got a spare half mil? ;-)

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