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The Good Morning Thread

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Morning karen, have a nice day at work. Enjoy the visit from your auntie and uncle, hope they get home safely tomorrow.Look forward to seeing the card..l will ask Amanda to have a look for you too, so you get a 15 year olds´ take on it.. :) X

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Morning lovely ladies,

hope you all have a nice day planned.

Enjoy your holdiay Rosie.

This morning is the last day of the fete. I picked up some t - shirts

for the boys and i found some lovely reels of ribbon for only €1, so

i picked out a selection of different colours!

I don't know about the UK but here in Italy there is a craze going on with these

little silicon digital watches. The boys love them so they got one each with there

own money! The red one is mine!! :lol: They are so light you don't even relise you have it on!!

Have put on a pic, even though you can't see the face, but you'll get the idea!

Must go get some work done!

Have a nice day all.




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Morning Everyone!


hehe Susan! Morning! yes you are quite correct there with that choc cake issue and you caught me too..............arrrrghhhhh thought I could get away with that! Sorryyyyyyyy! Hope you have a great day and get all your work done and get on ok with your clients!


Morning Dawn! Hope you have a good day at work and nice of you to sneak in! Been lovely to see you around hunnie. Happy crafting this evening too.


Morning Barbara, hope you enjoyed the read of LMC BP and yes, susan is a naughty lady! hehe.


Miserable morning with us Fifers. Its a stay in day really. Ava has nursery this afternoon and Josh is at home with me. Hopefully can maybe do some HW this afternoon while Josh does his thing! Need to make dinner and this evening crafting is in store for me!


Enjoy your day everyone.


Natalie x

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Morning Karen hunnie (((hugz))) I bet your card is gorgeous hun! Have a nice time with your aunt and uncle later and hope to catch up soon with you. Hope work going ok!


Morning Rosie, I hope that the flight and rest of journey goes smoothly tomorrow and that you are just about all packed for it too, enjoy your day hunnie.

Morning Nads! SOunds like the fete has beenreally good, like the watch craze thingy! hope you have a good day today and that the weather is good to you.



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