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Found 1 result

  1. knitpip

    Pattern help please

    Hello, I'm struggling with a pattern from the "Winter Warmers" lift-out in the Let's Knit magazine. I'm trying to knit the Fun Fair chevron patterned slouchy hat from Patons (leaflet 3954) on page 16. I'm stuck on round three. Changing colours to yarn B. The two rounds prior to this, after first creating a k1, p1, rib, is: Round 1: k to end inc four sts evenly across rnd. 64 sts (OK) Round 2: *k3, (yfwd) twice, k1, rep from * to end (OK) Change to yarn B Round 3: *K1BW, k1, wyib sl 1 pwise, drop yfwds from prev rnd, k1, rep from * to end Where K1BW = insert RH needle into next st two rows below, k this st, k next st on LH needle, pass pulled loop over the top of this st and off needle], k1, wyib sl 1 pwise, drop yfwds from previous round This is where I'm stuck - could someone try stepping me through K1BW please? Hopefully that will make the rest of round 3 easier, because at the moment I think I must be doing the first bit wrong so the rest isn't correct/possible either. Thank you!!! Happy knitting :-) pip