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Found 9 results

  1. Magsphill73

    Hi All

    Hi All just wanted to introduce myself, I'm fairly new to crafting (18 monthsish) mainly into card making at the moment but also mdf projects too. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the range of stuff available so be prepared for plenty of questions!!!! Thanks in advance Mags x
  2. sharonpaul85

    Newbie! Glass engraving :)

    Hi there, I'm Sharon, and I engrave glass! Are there any other glass engravers in here, or is this more of a paper/card/wool crafty forum? I have been engraving since the beginning of this year, and I'm really enjoying it, I will fling a couple of photos on to show you all what I get up to I use a dremel rotary tool, so it's all done by hand rather than laser etching. I have a few things going into my partner's mum's craft & wool shop, and possibly another which is also fairly local, so hopefully will start selling a few soon Glad to be here, and hopefully the comments and threads are less bitchy than the chaos that is facebook!
  3. Towst


    Hello, I'm Towst.. I'm 48, I'm English but I live in America. I've been posting for the last few days or so and I thought perhaps I should introduce myself. I'm pretty new to sewing, I have made curtains before, mostly because I couldn't find any I liked and my house badly needed window treatments because the things that were left by the people who sold us the house were truly awful. Imagine a dark green roller blind and a mustard yellow blind, both in a state of disrepair, together at the bedroom window and that was one of the better ones. Back then it was sewing because I needed to. Through ill health I'm home a lot and often awake most of the night so I was looking for a new hobby that I could do with limited mobility and started sewing accessories like handbags and makeup bags, little purses and phone and tablet cases and found I quite enjoy it. The weather here is pretty cold at the moment, -20C last week, but a balmy -10C this week Unfortunately the cold is affecting my arthritis and I can't sew as much as I'd like so I thought I'd find a forum to chat about sewing instead and find some inspiration for new things to make. But the sewing part of the forum seems a bit quiet at the moment. I'm hoping that's because everyone is busy sewing and not because no one here sews. Looking forward to seeing some of the things people are making and hoping the sewing chat livens up soon. I'll leave you with a picture of my tiny makedo sewing space while I dream of a whole sewing room.
  4. Rosie Savage

    Hello Homecraft!

    This is my first thread, so I better introduce myself! My name's Rosie and I'm the Editorial Assistant on two magazines: Make & Sell Jewellery and Sew. I'm a Pinterest/Tumblr addict, enjoy a good natter, love crafts (of course) and am a huge Harry Potter fan. Pleased to meet you!
  5. jodders_inc

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. I'm jody, I've just turned 23 and I've taken an interest in knitting. I've literally only just started so I thought I'd join a forum to maybe gain some helpful tips, encouragement, friends and hopefully a life long hobby! So here I am! And hello! If anyone wants ask me something don't be afraid to ask haha! Jody x
  6. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Hello :)

    Hello everybody, I've already introduced myself on another forum but thought I would here, in case I've missed anybody! I'm Jennifer and have recently joined the editorial team for PaperCrafter and Let's Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet! I love many different crafts and am always on the lookout for inspiration to try new makes - plus it's great to chat and have some advice too from like-minded people :-] I'm sure I'll be popping up here and there, and I look forward to getting to know everybody. It's hump day (yay), and I'm looking forward to a bit of me-time on the weekend and get in a good few hours of crafting. Is anybody working on anything exciting? Jennifer
  7. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Hello :)

    Hello everybody! I'd just like to introduce myself; I've recently joined the editorial team for PaperCrafter and Let's Get Crafting and am loving it so far. I love crafts of all different kinds and only wish I had a little more time... my bedroom is my next challenge you see. I'll be visiting the page regularly now and am really looking forward to getting to know everybody See you around, Jennifer X
  8. phoebeyang

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, guys. I'm a newbie here. My name is Phoebe. I like making special cross stitch and cushion. Usually I buy the crafts on the web and then I will spend my rest time finishing it. Wish could have a wonderful time here. And I'd like to share my works with all of you.
  9. doriszhou

    Hello from China

    hello everyone, hi, my name is doris, i am 23 and i live in China, i was through into cross stitch since my sister bought me the "sweet kitty" cross stitch for my 22th birthday. so i have connect cross stitch about 1 year and but may be not quiet sure how to do it. i want to learn more in the forum, hope make many friends in the forum,too.