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Found 7 results

  1. Ainjewelz


    Hi I'm Deborah and I'm new here, well when I say new I mean I just realised I joined in 2008 but have never really been keeping up to date with the forum or even posted. I'm hoping this will change now though I love all types of craft and I'll give anything a try, but I would say that at the moment I am mainly a paper crafter. I also love mixed media art, digital art, photography and upcycling furniture. Looking forward to participating in this forum and getting to know some new crafting people
  2. AlienwearKnits

    Hello Fellow Crafters

    Hello, my name is Toni I have been crocheting for almost a year now & I am thoroughly enjoying it. In Feb I set up my own business and I am enjoying creating items for customers, especially when they ask me to make something I would have never thought of or something I have always wanted to make but never had a reason. My latest make, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft. I have a love for anime and games so I love making that kind of bits, I rarely do clothes for fear they may not fit hehe So stick to scarves and hats mostly. I also love making bits for my daughters. One especially loves everything dinosaur related and one is too young to have an opinion hehe. Hope to get to know you
  3. SewCutesie

    Newbie *waves hi*

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie here, also a newbie to sewing crafts. I loved sewing in school and would love to make a hobby of it so here I am. Look forward to getting to know everyone. Talk soon xx
  4. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Happy new year!

    Hello everybody Happy new year!! I hope everybody saw it in well with the company of their loved ones... always the best way Has anybody made any new year's resolutions, or broken any yet hehe? Also, I'd love to hear what goodies you received for Christmas. I must admit, I was very spoiled with a lovely variety of crafty papers. They will definitely keep me going for a little while! Happy crafting! Jennifer, x
  5. GreenStitch

    Introductions Away

    I'm new here and I'm super excited to learn new crafts and to have some feed back on the crafts I'm working on. I'm a life time member of girl scouts and have been a camp counselor for 7 years. I like collecting little child friendly projects. I'm thinking about doing a blog or something. you know a journal of all the projects I want to do when I have kids someday. I have this hobby called LARP. Its super fun and I get to sew all my costumes and cool pouches and stuff. I made it though some unemployment last year just by selling my cloaks locally. I currently working on one for my new character. I hope I'll have it done for going to the Renaissance festival this weekend. I like sewing and wood working, they are very similar in their need to do things step by step, cutting attaching finishing touches. I'm also working on a Gnome hose out of a stump in our front yard.
  6. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Hello :)

    Hello everybody, I've already introduced myself on another forum but thought I would here, in case I've missed anybody! I'm Jennifer and have recently joined the editorial team for PaperCrafter and Let's Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet! I love many different crafts and am always on the lookout for inspiration to try new makes - plus it's great to chat and have some advice too from like-minded people :-] I'm sure I'll be popping up here and there, and I look forward to getting to know everybody. It's hump day (yay), and I'm looking forward to a bit of me-time on the weekend and get in a good few hours of crafting. Is anybody working on anything exciting? Jennifer
  7. Blooregard

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I just thought I'd stop by to say hi to everyone, I've just signed up to the forum. I'm a jewellery maker from Lincolnshire, UK