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  1. prettypale

    fimo stuff!

    Thay look brill! my fimo kit has just arrived today excited!!
  2. prettypale

    Yasmin the Mermaid

    Meet Yasmin the Mermaid for my niece Yasmin... didnt know what to call her so after my niece fits right this was super easy & quick to do & took just a few hrs here & there during the week, if i had time id make a co-ordinating friend for her wth blue hair & pink tail, instead im gonna wait & see if she likes it & if so make her the other one.
  3. Oh great wel ive an idea in mind but cant cast on until next week as got alot on with family staying over this wkend & my neice's birthday, hoepfully i can get it done it time
  4. prettypale

    Spinning your own yarn

    Ive never tried but it does intrigue me & is definately on my To Do One Day list. It would be great if LK did a feature on Spinning and how to get hold of the fibres/materials to use & spinning wheel & tools needed too, It reminds me of the a childhood fairytale although i cant for the life of me remember the name of it
  5. prettypale

    Autumn cardi

    Thanks for the kind comments all Victoria it is suprisingly snuggly & warm Annie i would use that word too so lets pretend its a real word
  6. prettypale

    Autumn cardi

    'Lore Hoodie' from Vampire Knits knit using James c Brett marble chunky... my husband likes the colours so much he's requested a jumper for christmas using the yarn the buttons i made up using an old button/beaded belt as usual pics taken in the bathroom standing on a stepping stool lol so glamourous! (the speckles are from the old mirror not the yarn
  7. prettypale

    slipper addiction

    these are really cute are they adult or childrens sizes? i could do with a pair
  8. prettypale

    'Scruff' the Bear

    aww he is Adorable!
  9. prettypale

    How many projects do you have on the go?

    ooh erm lets see..... well im right now working on the Lore Hoodie from Vampire Knits using james c brett marble chunky which im loving! ive a shrug on the go, still have my Lelah top to finish off, crochet shrug hiding away in my draw too. oh actually i think thats it!! any other wip is soon to be frogged so not worth mentioning lol
  10. prettypale

    Knitting mags

    Ive chosen LK & other, i normally buy according to the freebie or by what others have said about the latest issue available in the shops at the time, currently cutting down on all mags tho as i tend to make up my own patterns now
  11. prettypale

    Yay I finished it!

    Really lovely & well done you for working with what you had, you basically have a whole new design :cheese: very upto date with the fashion too!
  12. prettypale

    What project are you working on?

    im currently working on another summer top (hoping this one works out better!) in burnt orange
  13. prettypale

    Crochet on the go atm...

    i started this a few days ago & im doing bit of it when ive a few spare minutes here & there its the cotton summer shrug pattern from the last little book of summer crochet from Lets Knit magazine a while back, really getting the hang of this one so far :cheese:
  14. prettypale

    Another summer cap

    ive finally finished my cotton version of the sun cap & ive also finished my aunts altho as usual i forgot to pate a pic of it before posting out to here
  15. Ive made these twice in the last few days, they barely last a few hours so they will no doubt be gone before bedtime! Heres the recipe :cheese: ingredients: 100g Butter 100g Srown Bugar (i used caster sugar both times, had no brown sugar) 1tbsp Golden Syrup 150g Self Raising Flour beat butter & sugar until pale & fluffy, add the syrup. mix in the flour bits at a time until all is well combined & forms a slightly crumbly dough. roll into small balls (bouncy ball size i'd say) place on a baking tray and squish down to about half a cm thick, back @ about 170 (mines a fan oven) for roughly 10-12 minutes until edges start to golden (any longer & they will go hard) leave to cool Enjoy!