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  1. sounds a good sunday to me


    ive got cleaning to do but we are not expecting people for xmas but i want clean clothes and sheets lol


    i hope to do more of my sock today if i have the rest of the instructions right

    depending on my partner and his work means if i am catching the train in the morning or not...i kinda hope not but we shall see


    right to chill online before cleaning madness begins

  2. ok done the heel :-) brilliant much easier then i remember then last time, it does look a lil different but its mine so i dont mind it

    so in future i think will stick to ur way thanks *beams*


    just want to confirm the gusset next part as my memory isnt brillaint...

    if i remember correctly its spread the st back on 3 needles (the heel on one alone) and then decrease each end of the heel but i cant remember until what number ?


    after that i remember it was knit til 18cms before the toe


    again thanks for help in advance and i still may have my sock for xmas *dances*

  3. well ive all wrapped and finished making everything its such a relief :-) now to knit my sock well attempt it :-) it doesnt matter if the socks are odd as they will only be mine :-) but i maybe poppin out tonight depends if OH ok's it or now but ive painted my nails all pretty and sparkly just incase :-)

  4. i will mosey on over and have a looksi now, thanks :-)


    there is something with sewing with rock music blaring to keep me going and in a jolly mood.......bags made and soap wrapped for people just have to put tags on them and im done, its a relief :-)

  5. hello all, ive been wairtinfor someone to start a morning thread for about half hour lol


    ive been a crafty bee lately as made soaps from scratch (not the melt and pour ones), lip balms, bath salts, bath sleep aids and now i need to make bags to put them in. so my day today is lazy wrapping :-)

    OH is working again he leaves house at half 4am and has been gettin back about half 8pm so ive had loads of time to myself to work on lovely handmade xmas for people :-)

    i made over 100 cookies the other day with 3 diff choc cookie recipes and put them in jars for people


    im all excited now bar the train ride to brum on my own monday as OH finishing late on monday they said :-(


    so what have i missed all?

  6. yikes twinkle sounds rough at least u have freinds on here offereing support and hugs :-)


    anyhu sorry ive been away for a while i thought i should kinda write on here whats been happening really

    long story short (i wont go into it all)......i am now on antidepressants as a couple of months ago freinds said i wasnt myself then my partner started to notice and then last month i was sent home from work sayin i was unfit which i didnt understand and i became quite upset, i begged to stay and work but the supervisor said i shouldnt. so when i went to the docs i prosuced a list of about 20 things that i had goin on and what i was trying to deal with (my freind told me to do this as it would help me explain myself better) they said i was significantly depressed and had been for a while....its kinda silly i argued with the doc sayin i wasnt depressed i was just low and not myseld i would be fine soon but he insisted i seek imediate counselling and be on antidepressants...so here i am.


    i have been lucky i havent done anything silly but am happy for the few weeks off work but am goin back to work from next week :-)

    ive picked my knitting back up as i went through a stage of only knitting at knitting club and im back to reading a book a week lol my kindle list is now only 2 pages long and some of them are horror compilations and bronte collections. ive started to cook again and bake things (ive done a homemade xmas of buiscuits, cakes, soaps, bath salts, lip balms etc) so am happy to come back and chat now to all my lovely freinds in the knitting world

  7. lol sockiness help :-) bit miffed the email reply went into junk glad i checked it :-)


    yeah i have knit one sock but the other i want to finish so can wear them xmas lol as a gift to me :-) i can see why it has become an obsession


    anyhu im sewing from cuff to toe end as i remember learning how to sew the toe a new way :-)


    i ribed the top 15 rows then 45 rows i knit a row then purled a row and thats where i have got to


    lookin forward to replies

  8. ive lost my pattern for socks and now im confused...ive managed to remember to get to the heel but now ive researched online im lost again as they contradict what ive done


    i have 60 sts altogether and remember on the one needle i needed 30 and the other 2 needles had 15 each but now im stuck..any help would be greatly appreciated


  9. i would like to stretch an arm out to anyone who would be interested in speaking or doin a workshop for the Berriew club to contact me as im sorting a programe for the year coming. we have had felt workshops and made beads and had knitting/weaving before now as well as crochet but am happy to revisit them with different people


    if interested contact me on here


    thank you


  10. this i only my second ever card usiong decupage so i am well chuffed with the outcome, its only a basic one but am soooo pleased with the outcome i had to show u guys ...hope i put it in the right place lol


    it has personal touches like the purple card itself is her fav colour and she is a chocoholic lol

  11. this is my take on a cat robot thing i crochet oit and am sooooo proud of myself as i was pretty much able to follow the pattern and actually make a square, usually they are more rounded squares lol


    this is for my close freind and i hope she likes it as much as the choc i brought her lol, well the personal touches may help like its purple which is her fav colour and she calls me her kitten so.... hope pic does it justice