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    Toasty Wednesday

    morning all well work went well last night and am workin from 4 tonight OH loved the slippers so he has adopted them just need to sew up a lil more at the front as he wants them tighter which is fine :-) need to look at creating spiders web in crochet for knitting club later which should be fun and interesting :-) better do some housework before work as this place is becomin yucky :red: have to dash have a lovely day knitters :-)
  2. the_oracle_jennie

    colinette slippers

    thanks pinkpuppy i wanted the colours to match but also clash which is why they are blue and pink as they work well with the black wool mixed in etc
  3. the_oracle_jennie

    Stabbing Tuesday .....

    lol was really worried with a title like stabbin tuesday :-) well just poppin on before dashing to work til 10. i dont feel well but loads better and need to keep busy or i shall be bored. finished my slippers (pics on finished thread and on FB) now i have to think what to make for halloween knittng club in a couple weeks been practicing theory for next week and i keep failing now, i was passin them before aarrrgggghhhh :ahhh:
  4. the_oracle_jennie

    The boys cupcake hat... For a friend of a friend

    awwwwwww so cute :-)
  5. the_oracle_jennie

    first attempt at making a flower using loom

    lovely :-)
  6. the_oracle_jennie

    Biking Friday!

    mmmmmmmm cake and tea lol well gettin ready for work good night all :-) *bounces*
  7. the_oracle_jennie

    Biking Friday!

    evening all :-) did i hear the mention of cake?? mmmm cake :-) just up after my sleep as workin from 10pm right til 8am not sure where i am and who with but o well will take my crochet jsut incase i have a spare min u never know if it will be a quiet night :-) right off to make something to eat now
  8. the_oracle_jennie

    Biking Friday!

    wow susie on a mission lol i have managed to knit and add the last square in that gap on both slippers woohoo now its just the top to join on once i have done them, so happy *bounces* but off to bed soon to prepare for the night shift tonight :-(
  9. the_oracle_jennie

    Biking Friday!

    morning lovely knitters :-) i am feelin soooooo much better but still have snffles and some stiffness lol knitting is comin on well i have now learnt to pick up stitches and join the 2 squares by knitting another square onto it (see pic below...i know i am that proud lol) i have done this for both slippers ... just one mroe square and the base is done and i am half way there. i kinda forgot what it was like to challange and knit something for me woohoo *bounces* grey and over cast here :-( OH on stop out and wont be back til tomorrow night, also why workin so dont get bored lol. susie enjoy knitty group if u go buzy enjoy cuppa and knitting group andeiu can u do my housework please? there isnt much to do today lol dreamy hope the rain steps back soon :-) anyone else after have alovely day
  10. the_oracle_jennie

    Our Lovely Mini the Minx........

    so cute :-)
  11. the_oracle_jennie

    Time Out Thursday

    morning everyone managed to knit 4 squares thats the first 2 for each slipper foot woohoo now it gets complicated as never picked up stitches before etc so fun fun fun my cold is better but not sure i am up to workin a night shift really, my freind is sayin take it off and OH is on stop out friday so wont see him til sat night after tonight :-( but he hasnt said yeah or no to workin to be honest its over cast but not to bad out today woohoo should really think about cookin a meal today as poor OH not had a meal since sunday he been livin on toast and take away mcdonalds i think lol buzy enjoy cuppa with freind at shop princess enoy ur time of gettin things sorted quickly susie enjoyt ur day have a lovely knitty day all
  12. the_oracle_jennie


    *bounces and claps hands* awwwwww its a snail :-) i love it i love it lol thank you for sharing :-)
  13. the_oracle_jennie

    Bonus competition! Win knitty goodies!

    wow awesome fun entries :-)
  14. the_oracle_jennie

    One ball challenge winner!

    congrats susie such a cute bear :-)
  15. the_oracle_jennie

    Christmas knitting... have you started??

    yeah the idea was that any expiereince can make pom poms and they are fun to do for any age lol
  16. the_oracle_jennie

    Sunshiney Wednesday

    posted same as susie lol oooo love the sound of those xmas gift ideas thanks i hope so to its annoyin when u cant do stuff u need to lol
  17. the_oracle_jennie

    Sunshiney Wednesday

    well howdy all :-) i am still ill so canceled my driving lesson :-( but means i can crack on with my slippers which i started at knitting club last night (woohoo *dances*) i plan on doin nothing more then chill and knit as i cant breathe when i move at the moment lol its a nasty cold thats come out of no where grrrrr anyhu its a less windy day here but still grey :-( hope we are all gettin stuff sorted and doin loads of knitty fun time :-) *bounces then coughs*
  18. the_oracle_jennie

    Christmas knitting... have you started??

    i only knit for close people now as some of my family still think that i should be old and knitting (grrr them) so plan to knit about maybe 3-5 things and no i havent started yet :-( but at the knitting club we have a pom pom xmas so i plan on making pom pom decorations which i may use for myself on my own tree also :-)
  19. the_oracle_jennie


    awwwwww congrats to her thanks for lettin us know :-)
  20. the_oracle_jennie

    Stay in Tuesday

    sigh i could stay in today, after a pants night shift at work and now i think i have the flu, as well as nan not bein able to make knitty club and the speaker cancelin i think wow sucky day but the show must go on!!!! *cues music* i have pulled out my colinette yarns to do the slippers and thats what i shal start at knitty club :-) mom is pickin me up in a bit so can chill at hers before knitting club as still not sriving but driving lessons are bein had and plan to pass end of the year sirry for short message better dash with yucky weather have to keep eye out for mom
  21. the_oracle_jennie

    Miserable Monday

    mornign all well its another lovely wet and windy day here :-( been crochetin squares, am slowly gettin there with crochet lol plan on startin colinette slippers in the book 3 so should be interesting and a challange woohoo lady is ill who is comin to knitting club on tues so swiss darning is off :-( but the meeting is stil on tomorrow hope we are all well, i am only doin a lil cleaning then some washing and thne nap before work as on night shifts :-( better dash
  22. the_oracle_jennie

    Saturday Madness

    motning all quick message as off to show and need to prepare everything lol we have about 4 bafs of knitty stuff so i want to thank all those knitting ladies that have helped and kept me busy sortin prices and the likes for them :-) hope it stays semi dry today but we are in a tent lol then off to brum to spend the night have a lovely day :-)
  23. the_oracle_jennie

    Lovely to Yucky Friday

    hello!!!!! sorry not been on in an age i seem to be soooo super busy with knitting club stuff and workin nights and lil friendly get togethers at my house i hardly have time to come online really *cries* sale at the berriew show for the club tomorrow woohoo been making prices, signs and compititions on comp but now after the stress of the printer not reading the files and then the comp not workin i printed off net book and can chill before sticking prices on cardboard, a lil better then pinning on to designs. then making lucky dip presentable and then i am done for the day hope we all have been knitting loads of funky stuff...still need to pick something for me to knit :-)
  24. the_oracle_jennie

    Quiet Wednesday ....

    good morning all :-) i am again a subscriber to lets knit and my new mag came this morning and i love the needles :-) *dances* knitting slub was lovely last night we all got on with some serous knitting for the berriew show and own projects which i must say people were really challanging themselves with twisted cable stitches, lace style and fairisle ... i felt a lil basic to be honst as i was knitting a rib scarf for the show :-0 OH has this week off work and i have been workin lates and night shifts whch i am doin tonight (another late) and a night shift tomorrow what fun :-) havent been ableto knit much for me lately as been doin lil bits for show but plan on challanging muself a lil but not sure what yet lol Buzy hope u get some snoozr time
  25. the_oracle_jennie

    Friday fun!

    happy friday all :-) i plan on doin hosuework and then some more knitting woohoo am lovin it as havent really had much time the last couple of months so had almost forgotton how awesome it was lol anyhu i better get started or the day will run away with me online lol buzy enjoy knitting/sewin group dark sounds like u are a busy lil bee finishing stuff off today susie hope the weather is lovely for u :-) goose enjoy knitting just a shame paperwork has to get in the way lol