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  1. the_oracle_jennie

    Time to Party :-)

    lol is it ok if i turn up in PJ's? have brought devils choc cake for all :-) and fizzy pop as i need the hyperness
  2. the_oracle_jennie

    Time to Party :-)

    evening all just woke up and OH isnt back so party away i can:-) before work
  3. the_oracle_jennie

    Party Saturday :-)

    hello all sorry not been on since tues, knitty club was good tues although there were only 7 of us all in the end. wed was workin nights and didnt get any knitting done in the day time :-( thursday was busy sortin stuff round the house and yest was out with friends to get to brum and didnt get back til late. still waiting for ss and a parcel that i have been told was posted last week...i worry when i dont recieve things and the item was expensive from last week so hope it arrives asap workin tonights, sunday night and monday night so miss the bazzarr in brum this month which i wanted to see as there was a fire feather fan dance but o well i am thinkin on the money for january ppay as cut off was thurs for pay on 21st.
  4. the_oracle_jennie

    Music Monday

    morning all its cold here but not raining woohoo couple days off so makin xmas cards today once done some more house work and paid some bills...who knows may even get time to knit also :-)
  5. the_oracle_jennie

    Santa Sunday

    brrrrrrr hello from a very wet and windy area of wales lol i have work again today, i slept til 1 yest and went shoppin with OH in shrews and then chilled with take out so went to bed early. really lookin forward to my 2 days off after workin this aftyernoon *dances* i am all xmassy now, the decorations are up and we are pretty much sorted. knitting club havin a knitty xmas party celebration on 13th so i am excited as OH makin cinnimon buns and i prob takin cakes :-) as others bringin pate and breads etc hope we are all well
  6. the_oracle_jennie

    very windy thursday

    afternoon all got up at half 1 after a night shift and well will be off to bed again soon to catch a couple of hours before OH is back and i have to cook tea etc had message on phone about a job with children with behavioural problems but i dont have actual expierience but they said they will be keeping me on file and maybe callin me back next week...so fingers crossed then it wull be more of what i wish to do :-) washin up done, clothes wash sorted and hung up...the rain and wind here is awedul again *yuck* hpope we have all had some lovely knitting time
  7. the_oracle_jennie

    LK Question of the Month

    no i dont, i look for bargins and sometimes go months without buyin yarn jsut the magazines i get in the post. but occationally i splurge out and buy a nice couple of balls or pop to colinette yarns for a treat
  8. the_oracle_jennie

    Windy Wednesday

    well its been cold and windy and rainy all night and now its just cold and windy. had a rough nights sleep a mixture of nightmares and the noise of the weather i think today plan on chilling really as workin nights now the rest of the week but i do need to pop and buy some onions as i forgot them yest
  9. the_oracle_jennie

    Chilly Tuesday

    morning all yest was a busy day indeed for me, some of the xmas decorations are up but not sure where to put my upside down tree yet today is the night shift xmas lunch so am semi ready for that and tryin to clean and the likes OH returned last night and has been sent somewhere else today for work so not sure when he will be back, but he wasnt happy as there was no bread in the house for him to take to work today, well i didnt know he was back til 9pm so it was kinda hard to get bread then right i better do hw before out wrap up warm :-)
  10. the_oracle_jennie

    It's a Chilly Monday ...

    well today is chilly indeed xmas decorations are goin up in a min once i have paid a couple of bills online so i am excited to make the house christmassy :-) i need to also make my christmas cards also so may do that laters :-) OH said he maybe comin home tonight which is a day early but would be nice as wont see him much til sunday night as workin nights wed onwards. supposed to be goin bowlin in shrewsbury today but havent heard from my bro, which means at the moment i am knitting my afternoon away with the tele :-) buzy i would rather knitting then hw also darkangel ooooo crochet hat, my bro doesnt like me knitting stuff for him it means his army mates take the mick, i dont see a prob with it to be fair susie not sure if i like real trees they leave buits everywhere and bugs i know i have forgotten a couple but i had troub le remember them all so hope u have a lovely knitting day and wrappin upwarm
  11. the_oracle_jennie

    Sleepy Sunday

    morning well its raining here one min and semi sunny the next OH has left me all alone *woohoo* til tues night so can do thinks easier now and get the place cleaner for a while. he has asked me to put up xmas decorations up so i am excited to do that tomorrow, but the best thing is i can have knitty time!!! *dacnes* prob tryin a ss item once more before sending on tues lol i wont give up, it cant beat me lol left over lasagna for me tonight woohoo hope we all have knitty time and are curled up in the warm
  12. the_oracle_jennie

    Soggy Saturday

    morning all hope to get knitting time today *dances* its my days off til wed night so i will enjoy them lol its very wet and raining here so prob goin to nans and stayin all dau inside as OH away with work tomorrow til tues night better dash
  13. the_oracle_jennie

    Web Talk & "Real" Life.....

    i dislike tx speak and spelling things out even when i tx i try and spell it all correctly in english lol but sometimes its how it sounds or i descrbe it. lol OH couldnt spell lasagne so said beef layered pasta thing with cheese on top
  14. the_oracle_jennie

    Knitting-related injuries

    i get lack of blood flow so when stopped knitting or crochet hands are stiff and then pins and needles with blood flow running back to hands, i make some weird noises and silly faces with that lol
  15. the_oracle_jennie

    Freezing Friday

    bbbbrrrrrrr it really is cold today hey all how are we? sorry not been on was workin nights sunday-wed had yest off and slept and did shoppin and much needed house work to be called in for an afternoon shift today 2-10pm then nothing til wed night. been invited out with the night staff with their xmas meal etc which is nice considering day staff not really entusiastic about me lol i am workin loads as cut off is early so we get paid before xmas all this work means i havent knit or crocheted or read much ofmy books :-( whenn are peope posting ss since opening is the 17th? heard yest was last garrented post day before xmas right best to do some online stuff and washin up before i dash into work again, almost feel like i live there since doin 38hour weeks only used to doin about 16hours...but woohoo about money if they get it right (last 2 months they owed me hours)
  16. the_oracle_jennie

    Sneezy Saturday!

    going off to brum in a bit as OH sis birthday so have to rush this morning will take some knitting with me to keep me company lol have a nice day all
  17. the_oracle_jennie

    Friday again

    Done my bit round town and hone Just went to for down and saw the cat enjoying the crochet blanket OH SIS made for us,thought would share the pic and make us all smile Not sure what project to do now,have so many I want to do
  18. the_oracle_jennie

    Friday again

    morning cant believe its friday already :-) well the theatre was brillaint fun last night, saw an evening of burlesque and they were national and international stars so well worth the watch. OH seemed to enjoy it also, its only the second time he has seen burlesqye but these were professionals unlike the ones we saw in brum. today i have to pop back to the doctors but will do once feelin better these tablets are makin me feel a lil ill. other than that i plan on gettin my knitting needles out and havin a good go at a new project :-) gypsy i know the feelin with shopping and i buy reduced or on sale items its still gettin higher busy hope u enjoy knitting club if u go susie hope u get to pick up crochet soon :-)
  19. the_oracle_jennie

    Good morning - Its Thursday

    knit&flee; thats the trouble i had at the shows i wasnt sure on prices and some of the stuff i prob did slightly underprice but i suppose u need to know the show/stall around so u know how much u can charge or how little. i went to farmers shows and village fairs so my prices rarely went over £10
  20. the_oracle_jennie

    Good morning - Its Thursday

    morning all just back from doctors to tell me i have an infection in my toe, so my hobbling around at work and home there was a reason to it lol. done some cleaning and house work so chilling before finishing off bleaching with a cuppa happy birthday ellie gypsy hope this jacket fits u snugly buzy hope u get to chill and realx hun skm well done for startin and finishing a project in a day :-) knitting porky dont we all like to make silly vioces on helium? dani hope u get knitty time knit&flee; oooo u excited about ur stall of knitting goodies?
  21. the_oracle_jennie

    Where's Wednesday?

    oooo dani ur cassole sounds lush pie and steamed veg for us tonight done most the housework for today so chilling now online before makin tea
  22. the_oracle_jennie

    LK Question of the Month: Is knitting your main hobby?

    knitting is my main hobby now but i have done jewelery making, polymerclay making things, card making, cooking/baking and even tried sewing. my second main hobby is drawing and creative writing, this has been with me for years ....but knitting took over :-) i will try most things once as long as its resonable cost lol am happy with my needles and yarn :-)
  23. the_oracle_jennie

    Where's Wednesday?

    good morning all sorry wasnt on yest i dont tend to come online when done nuight shift i become a couch potato lol finished another true blood book think i on number 6 now :-) i finally decided my ss isnt goin to work :snake: i was trying to crochet a snow flake but it was too technical and i kept gettin a jumbled ball or bits that didnt look right so unless i can find and make somethhing else i will buy something. *stamps feet* if someone can also find me a easy snowflake pattern just to restore my faith in crochet i will be grateful lol (see i cant quite give up) but this may just be for my tree lol. i did plan on knitting a nightmare before xmas display but think i should ahve started that in january lol i have patterns for sally, jack and the dog tho anyhu its a grey day here and i have shed loads of washing and cleaning as didnt do anything yest and am busy most of the rest of the week
  24. the_oracle_jennie

    Poorly Monday

    sorry wasnt around yest, came home after work sat and went to bed then rushed to brum yest for a fare we go to monthly ish. i have a driving lesson today then i suppose i better go back to bed workin a night shift tonight so may take my knitting and get to do a lil if its quiet. still strugglin with ss but its gettin better woohoo better do a lil housework before i do stuff then
  25. the_oracle_jennie

    Saturday Shenanigans

    morning lookin ok today outside but have been called into work 2-10 so have to rish and get things doen tis morning and then work so wont get any more done on ss or anything fun realy :-( better dash into town with OH now