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  1. I have been asked by my hubby what I would like for xmas. I would love a Slice but I have had mixed reviews about it. So I am really confused now. If anyone owns one or owns something similar. Please help as it is an expensive purchase and I dont know what to do.
  2. alliejaneyoung

    Top class customer service

    wow that is fast!
  3. alliejaneyoung

    A Little Bit of Good News

    Thats fab news. Love and hugs go out to you and your family.
  4. hmm who mentioned cake ??? I could just eat a peice!!
  5. alliejaneyoung

    Its so quiet at home today

    I hope you get to the bottom of the dogs ear problem real soon. Just chill out and relax. I am at the moment as both my boys are out!!
  6. Hi guys, I it is my first time on here. My name is Alison, I am married with two sons. I live in Teesside, but we are looking to move away. I love altering things and scrapbooking. I have loved this since I was a child except I did not know the names for them!!! I work at a private school and the team are great. I look forward to meeting new members!!!
  7. alliejaneyoung

    Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse

    thinking of you and your family. Hope everything gets sorted out.
  8. alliejaneyoung

    am i in the wrong

    I am really sorry about All the carry on you are having. I have not shopped on there for a long time. At least you are honest, many sellers on there are not!! And thne have the cheek to blame the royal mail!
  9. alliejaneyoung

    To Slice or not to Slice that is the question?????

    thanks for that. I am in a quandry now. As the Circut is out of my league. And have also had mixed reviews about the robo.
  10. alliejaneyoung

    I'm a little bit excited!

    Dont worry your mojo will come back. And congratulations. think outside the box thats what I tell the kids. You may be well supprised what you come up with.
  11. alliejaneyoung

    Anniversary Dates and Gifts

    what a lovely necklace. Still your mum will love it.
  12. alliejaneyoung

    AUGUST FAT PAGE SWAP ~ Winning theme Jungle Fever

    Hiya can I have a go please sounds interesting.
  13. alliejaneyoung

    Volunteering to be a tester

    Hi if you still want people. I can sew, cross stich, make cards, altered art and scrapbooking
  14. alliejaneyoung

    Household Help & Top Tips

    you can also use denture tablets to clean tea stained mugs. Leave them to steep overnight in water in the sink. One tablet per mug, fill it to the top and wow lovely sparkling mugs. also for all you crafters out there use your embossing tool to push clicks back in.
  15. alliejaneyoung

    am i in the wrong

    I used to buy on ebay a lot, but the amount of trash I had paid for. And it wasnt even as people described. I wont leave rude feedback as a rule. I would rather contact the seller the direct and try to resolve the issue. Which is what she should have done. I do hope you do not get put off by this!!!!
  16. alliejaneyoung

    New Scrapbooker and altered artist on the forum

    thanks for the warm welcome. I will most certainly stay on here!!!
  17. alliejaneyoung

    Notelet...( freehand )

    thats fab. I bet you were doodling lol.
  18. alliejaneyoung

    Nans Book

    thats lovely. I made my father a mini book for fathers day and then altered a box to put it in. He was over the moon with it.
  19. alliejaneyoung

    My Lake District purchases

    Wow you did well. I must admit when I am in the lakes I always go to Reghed and pop in the papermill shop and I only found out yesterday they have a factory shop!!! But I was to tired to go on the way home. It is supposed to be only a 15 minute drive from Reghed, but you need a sat nav to find it as it is tucked out of the way. But next time we go, I am there.
  20. alliejaneyoung

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Hiya girls, I love twilight and I cannot seem to put them down. But one book I am reading and it is about ohh my well I lost count, is "how I lived on a pound a day" by Kath Kelly. So interesting and most of us can relate to this as we all try to save a penny or two. And yes it has made me think. I have stopped buying clothes and well I am currently trying to cut down on my craft stash [with not much luck!!!!!]. I think more when I go out to the shops or I even avoid going out at all. Its a jolly good read!!!
  21. alliejaneyoung

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is fit and well today.