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  1. nataliewalsh

    Just finished my first projects!

    They look great, in particular I love the scarf, well done on finishing your first pattern, there'll be no stopping you now!
  2. nataliewalsh

    Cerulean in Rowan 'romance'

    Really cute shrug, you would never know you ran out of yarn
  3. nataliewalsh

    Crofter arm warmers

    They are beautiful, great colours!
  4. nataliewalsh

    Trio of hats & a collar

    lovely knits! You always knit with such lovely colours!
  5. nataliewalsh


    oo i recognise it too Great jacket, I love the colour and it looks lovely and snug
  6. nataliewalsh

    Such sad news (possibly sensitive)

    Giddy, Im so sorry for your loss Take care of yourself we will all be thinking of you during this difficult time.
  7. nataliewalsh

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A little late, sorry!! (away from home at the mo!) Hope you all had a fab xmas and have a peaceful and happy new year!!
  8. nataliewalsh

    Wintery Wednesday...Brrrrrrrr!

    Very sorry to hear your news buzy
  9. nataliewalsh


    congrats Busy!!! So happy for you, now you will have to show us all the makes that you whip up using the prize!!
  10. nataliewalsh

    Wintery Wednesday...Brrrrrrrr!

    Hi all, Hope your all wrapping up in this very cold weather! Finally got sick of calling the landlord for a reference so we typed one up ourselves, i'm done with him, he's able to take our money but can't write out a few lines for us after we've been here 4 years!! Hope you all have a great day!
  11. nataliewalsh

    Tree Topping Tuesday!

    We've said it to the company bout the landlord and they've told us its our responsibility to get the reference sorted, the landlord has since called and said he's trying to reach his sister in law etc etc.. urgh i dont wanna have to worry bout it while we are away for xmas but its not looking like it'll be sorted until we come back, how annoying!!
  12. nataliewalsh

    Tree Topping Tuesday!

    I bet your glad its over now!!! Congrats!! Of course inspectors will always give a bare minimum compliment i'm sure its nothing to worry about , if he told you not to change anything then that is good!!! Now you can relax and enjoy your break!
  13. nataliewalsh

    Addi Turbo v Knit pro

    I have a starter set of KnitPro circulars and they are lovely to work with, now normally i'm not mad about wooden needles but these ones are great, they are very firm and warm and stop your fingers from getting cold v's using the metal needles! I dont have the addi circulars but I do have set of dpns and they are also very good quality! the best thing to do is to buy a starter set to see if you like them, they are generally not as expensive as the full sets and can be gotten from ebay, I recommend the seller woolstack, she's excellent for responding to queries and ships very promptly !
  14. nataliewalsh

    Rainbow Scarf

    O that is a beautiful scarf i love the colours! lovely work!
  15. nataliewalsh

    Tree Topping Tuesday!

    Jennie i know what its like dealing with nerves and inspectors, i'm sure you'll be fine! Let us know how you get on! Fingers crossed for you! I've had a mad morning calling our landlord looking for a reference and as usual he is useless says he can't do one as he's working and has his sister in law doing one, so more phone calls to her as i can't reach her and we'd really like the reference sorted before we go away for xmas! Its silly that we have to chase two ppl for a reference and the letting agency is putting pressure on us to get it asap without it we cannot move apartments in january! Surely this is his responsibility!! As usual he's passing it on to someone else he doesnt even come to collect his own rent grrr! Hope you all have a good day