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  1. Spindrift

    chemo cap help

    Thank you both for your swift responses. I have googled for a pattern and have also been on Knitting Pattern Central but hadn't found anything I liked. Following your advice though I think I have found a pattern I like that has a matching scarf so that it could be used for winter woolies as well as for chemo. http://www.sheeptoshawl.com/charity/archives/2005/10/entry_152.html This is the pattern and I think it looks easy enough to convert to straight needles or not to complicated to have a go at circular ones. I have also thought about making two, one with warmer wool for cold days and one with cooler cotton for warmer days. I plan on surprising her with a 'smile pack' with the knitted items and some other odds and ends in it. The pattern calls for worsted weight which has confused me as some say it is an aran weight and others say it is a DK weight. Luckily I have some Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran and some Rowan wool cotton DK in my stash left over from other projects so I can do a tension square with both wools to see which one would be best. I will get some circular needles and have a go doing it that way and have the straight ones on hand if I make a mess. Thank you ladies!
  2. Spindrift

    chemo cap help

    A dear friend of mine has recenty been diagnosed with lung cancer and she is having to undergo chemo and radiotherapy. I would really like to knit her a chemo cap but all the patterns I can find use dpn's and circular needles. I have only ever used straight pins and wouldn't know where to begin with dpn's and circular needles although granted I have a good excuse to learn a new knitting skill. I would like to stick with what I know so I can make a great hat for my friend. So my questions for you guys are; Do any of you know of a good chemo cap pattern that uses straight pins? and what yarn would be the best for such a pattern? obviously it has to be super soft, I am a keen knitter but only of intermediate experience so my experience with different yarns is somewhat limited to make an informed choice of which yarn would be most suited to the task. Is it possible to adapt a pattern for circular needles to straight needles? Many thanks in advance for any help and advice you can give.
  3. Spindrift

    Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

    RC - Hope your dad gets treated soon so that he can start to feel better, will continue in my thoughts and prayers. Buzy - So glad you got the result you were hoping for, just a shame it had to go that far and make you feel worse. Hope you rest well and feel better soon.
  4. Spindrift

    Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

    Sorry to hear of your daughter's friend Suzy, how tragic. Sending my sympathies, thoughts and prayers also to the family and your family. I know I am not on here much at the moment, life is just crazy right now but I do think of you all often and wonder how you are all doing.
  5. Spindrift

    Superb Sunday!

    Evening girlies........Well been looking after a poorly flu ridden hubby and two kids so pretty tired now. Managed to get out in the car though and I am loving just being able to hop in and nip to the shops instead of contemplating a 20 minute walk in the rain and cold. I did a bit more on the neck scarf and decided that when it is finished I will give it to hubby's gran as it is more her than me. I keep meaning to post pics of all my finished objects but haven't had time to upload my pics and figure out how to get them on here. I will let you all know when I do as I have just finished a baby blanket and an aran jumper. Susie - It must have been great to have your mum up but I agree it is also nice to get back into your own routine again. I can feel your pleasure of being able to drive again. I might have only just passed my test but when hubby needed my car I missed it dearly and that was only for a week. I think if I got brave enough to drive to my LYS which is 14 miles away in the city, I think I would definately come over all emotional too. Buzy - hearing all about the house renovations I keep thinking about 'Homes under the Hammer' on BBC. It is great that Chris can help out but can understand how you would feel a bit lonely. At least you have your knitting to keep you company. Hatful - Your new mattress sounds wonderful, glad that you have woken up pain free. I would also definately complain to Tesco's as flowers should last longer than that. Goose - Those butties sounded mouth watering. How lovely of your friend to give you roses, I got a tear in my eye reading that. RC - Hope your head gets better fast, no fun for sure, especially when it is spoiling the excitement of a new knitty project. Giddy - try not to do too much and hope you start feeling better soon. Buffy - *starts homer type drool* ahhhhhhhhh mum's sunday lunch droool. Hope you all have a good evening everyone and see you tomorrow, off to try and get an early night.
  6. Spindrift

    smiley but soggy Saturday

    Well hello to one and all, sorry it has been such a time since I last posted. Just been busy keeping an eye on the double trouble that are my kids, then looking after all the family with flu whilst fighting it myself. Only just feeling half human for the first time today. I started on a neck scarf 'knit in a tin' gift that came with my LK subscription for the n'th time but it actually seems to be working out this time. Giddy - sorry to hear you are feeling out of sorts, please take it easy today and don't make yourself ill. Buffy - Hope you have had a productive day with all the sorting and tidying you planned today, you sound like you have pots more energy than I do at the moment. Buzy - Hope you have had a productive day too. RC - Hope you found a solution and that your day improved. Hatful - There is nothing like your own place and your own bed. I can feel your excitement, especially as I have experienced rented accomodation beds before and they are definately not the best. Hope your back ache improves. Sorry to hear your wrist is so sore, hope you get some relief soon.
  7. Spindrift

    I did it, Finally! (OT)

    No......not clearing my stash unfortunately. I finally passed my driving test this morning! I cannot believe it and it hasn't quite sunk in yet. Told my hubby that after years of running me around I owe him lots of 'designated driver' time, so he can have a drink when we go out now and I can drive home. It also means I will no longer feel housebound as I cannot walk great distances without my ankle aching. Most importantly though I might even be able to drive to the nearest knitty stitch and b***h group 14 miles away, woohoo!.
  8. Awwwww Congratulations! Love to all, can't wait to see pics! Welcome to the world baby Alexandra and a quick recovery for mummy.
  9. Spindrift


    Just popping on to say Merry Christmas everyone! just spent the last hour and a half installing and loading up a leapfrog toy for Megan, so thought I would pop by whilst I was online, anyway must go now as I think I hear her on the monitor now. Take care everyone and hope you have had a fab day.
  10. Spindrift

    Christmas Eve Friday!!!!!

    Evening Ladies, Sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone's post individually, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and hope you all have fun tomorrow. Take care and can't wait to hear about everyone's day. night x
  11. Spindrift

    I miss/I'm grateful

    Great thread! I miss my grandma I am missing my mum and dad being here (darn weather and rail network) by the time I have a christmas off again it will have been ten years since I had christmas with them. I miss the family and friends that I have lost over the years I am grateful for my family I am grateful that I am still here, thought I wasn't going to make it through my ankle op. I am grateful that I have two healthy kids I am grateful for my wonderful husband, how he came into my life just when I had given up ever finding love.
  12. Spindrift

    Teeth Chattering Wednesday!

    Hi RC, you were posting whilst I was typing my essay....lol. Yay for beating the taxman and getting squishy parcels under the tree!
  13. Spindrift

    Teeth Chattering Wednesday!

    Evening All! Well this seems to be my only time to get on the laptop lately. Last night I wasn't on as I was desperately trying to finish a scarf I was knitting as part of my mum's christmas pressie, she and my dad were due up today for Christmas but they couldn't make it due to the weather and problems with the train line due to weather/broken down trains and earthquakes!!! seems like everything has gone against them to get up here which is a shame as we were really looking forward to having them especially as it would have been my first christmas with them in 8yrs. Still better to be safe than sorry and they are going to try desperately to get up here for New Year. Thankfully I have a really good butcher and when I rang to tell him that the turkey I ordered for six people (way back in october) will be too much for two and won't fit in my freezer, he said he would portion it up for me so it will fit in my freezer that way we still have some for christmas and new year when my folks make it. That was the third bit of bad news I had, started first thing when my driving instructor rang to cancel the lesson due to the icy roads. It then got worse as twenty minutes later I got a phone call from an old friend of mine from back home who I haven't seen for a while, she had just received my christmas card to her and her husband only for her to break the news to me that her husband had died just six weeks before, I feel so sorry for her and her family he was a great guy. Then my mum tells me about her and my dad not being able to make christmas with us. I certainly hope it gets better than this. Su2ie; Glad to hear you have your oil now. My super organised (add anally retentive on being prepared) father in law ordered his oil about four weeks ago and was begining to panic but finally got theirs yesterday. Your fire looks lovely and cosy though. Goose; I hear ya on the snow! It looks pretty but it is getting to be a PITA! Glad you are keeping warm with plenty of brews though. Muguet; There is something so comforting about homemade soup, which one is it? I make a mean Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Soup. Buzy; Hope you are feeling better this evening. If you can't find chunky would two or three strands together of what you have not work? I remember one pattern I had that asked for a combination of two strands of chunky to make super chunky so maybe the multiple strands of DK would work for chunky? The hat/scarf combined sounds super cosy though. Jennie; you really are an oracle, your friend will be super proud of the completed neckerchief. Giddy; Love the christmas philosophy, it reminds me of one christmas when I posted a vent about my inlaws getting something for my wee boys first christmas pressie that we had said we wanted to get and how I though they were trying to outdo us. A reply came from the wife of a soldier serving in Iraq who simply said 'All my little girl wants is her daddy home for christmas' I felt such shame and it completely grounded me in what the priorities should be at christmas. Anyway hope you got a chance to relax. K&F; Hope you got home from work okay. BTW I read your post on no hot brekkie and just had shreddies, my gran (and I) used to absolutely love shreddies with hot milk, you brought back so many memories for me and made me yearn for a bowl. Anyway hope everyone is having a fab evening.
  14. Spindrift

    Slippery Sunday

    Evening All! Well we are back to nearly three feet in snow and minus daft temperatures and my mum is having kittens that she and my dad will never make it up here in time for Christmas due to closures on the rail network so she is trying to see if she can change her ticket for coming up here a day early before the serious snow is forcast to hit us. Of course that means I have even less time to work on her hat/scarf and mittens set that I am knitting at the mo, I am not a quick knitter and even slower with this bobbly persia wool. Su2ie; Hope your household are feeling better and that you have managed to get some rest today. PP; Hope you are feeling better soon and hope that the school doesn't shut for the weather so you can get everything sorted before they break up. Goose; Sounds like you have had loads of fun, glad it all went well. RC; Yikes! sounds scary where you are, hope noone ends up in your garden! Sharon; Hope the Carol Service went well, I love singing carols, I used to sing them with the school senior choir. I went to catholic school and we always had one service where we entered singing a latin hymn called 'Lumen' carrying candles down the church aisle. There was one bit of it though where the latin was 'Quad par asti....' and we always joked in rehearsals and sang 'cornish pasties......' so you would often find the senior choir supressing a snigger at that bit. Squeekie; You just mentioned my must watch Christmas film, it always gets me in a christmassy mood, never fails. Yuuummmmmmm mulled wine, can I have a glass if there is one going?
  15. Spindrift

    P.A.R.T.Y? because we gotta!

    Oh well, sorry folks my sciatica is starting to act up now and I think I can hear megs starting to wake, poor mite is teething and is struggling through it. Will dose us both with pain relief and reluctantly call it a night. Will check later on my phone and maybe join again then. Take care and have fun! night x