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  1. Hi, not been around for a while, here is a dragonfly what flew out of my hand last week
  2. chris22

    numbers for bronze

    Hi ladies i found them thanks http://web.njit.edu/~kevin/rgb.txt.html http://cloford.com/resources/colours/500col.htm http://www.december.com/html/spec/colorhsl.html
  3. chris22

    spirelli cards

    spirelli cards
  4. chris22

    Concertina card

    love your card, what a clever idea x
  5. chris22

    numbers for bronze

    hi does anyone know the numbers for bronze on the computer ?
  6. chris22

    What do you do with your cards

    hi Claire don't be put off, you decide what your Christmas card style is this year and don't let anyone talk you round, give two choices and stick to them. i go through stages with card making, i make plenty of card stock cards and add sentiments when needed, but will also make to order or special friends and family x
  7. chris22

    a few from me

    i haven't added any sentiments yet x
  8. chris22

    Plate card and stand

    clever idea x
  9. chris22

    three from me

    thank you x
  10. chris22

    need ideas for "special teacher" make

    hi how the scrapbook going ? sounds like you will be busy , enjoy while you do it x
  11. chris22

    Crown card

    great card x
  12. chris22

    three from me

    what do you think ?
  13. chris22

    My first Tiara

    wow x
  14. chris22

    Angel earrings

    hope you like them i was making them at craft group and a lady brought the pink pair within the hour of me making them x