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  1. RC7

    Merry Christmas from the Goose

    Happy Christmas Happy Newtonmass Belated Blessed Be for the Solstice
  2. RC7

    Crochet Cotton Bear

    I love his expression, he looks so innocent.
  3. RC7

    Pattern appeal

    Su2ie's 72 sounds about right for 6mm needles.
  4. RC7

    Carless Tuesday!

    2 mitts of 4 done, 3rd cast on.:-) K and F, so sorry about your car, I can't think of a way to cheer you up, but I know exactly the feeling of bye bye car. :down:
  5. RC7

    Bear and Rabbit

    Oh yes, serious fun.
  6. RC7

    Socky Sunday

    One of four mitts cast on. I have a week to finish them.
  7. RC7

    My crocheted pin cushion

    That is very petty, but I am thinking it would drive a snooker player crazy...what colour is it?
  8. RC7

    Already Friday

    Su2ie, two and a half pairs of mitts to do, oh and a trip the new LYC (I have found one that is not snobby, yay, :-) ) to buy some yarn as a present for someone. Where did we put the Christmas tree? Erm, think, er step sons's garden - that was it! Glad you found the hat.
  9. RC7

    Already Friday

    Good luck with all the frantic crochet, both of you. It is one smidge warmer here, but there is a wind hooowwling.
  10. RC7

    Is it me or this pattern?

    I see it as a team effort, it was your idea too.
  11. Yes, several people, I would like to do it again to.
  12. RC7

    Is it me or this pattern?

    See, we do need this thread. :-)
  13. RC7

    Frozen Thursday

    Green tea please.
  14. RC7

    Is it me or this pattern?

    Annie, I thought yrn was yfwd on a purl row? Having said that, I am all for a universal knitting language.
  15. RC7

    Cotton dishcloth

    I like the colour too, is it for festival time or do you just like red? The first few I left in our kitchen did not get used much, until I asked DH if he didn't like them. He said "Oh I thought "I cannot wipe the counters with those, RC knitted them."