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  1. angel8676

    Help please: FabricLand - is it real?

    Thanks ladies. A dinosaur bean bag it is then! :cheese: x
  2. angel8676

    Help please: FabricLand - is it real?

    Hi there, I've found some fabric I'd really like to buy to make a bean bag for my wee boy on a website called FabricLand. I'm only hesitating because you can't order online, you've got to do it over the phone and I'm not certain that they're legit. Has anyone used this company and are my pennies safe with them? I'd be really grateful for any feedback. Thanks, :-) Angela
  3. angel8676

    Breezy Thursday

    Evening all, A very quick hello from me. I've not had a chance to get on for the last wee while, it's been busy busy busy! hope you're all well. I'm off to have a quick catch-up on your posts and will hopefully get a chance to come on and say hello properly at some stage tomorrow.
  4. angel8676

    Should schools teach knitting?

    I think it should be taught, or at least offered as an extra-curricular activity. It wasn't offered when I was at school, but my mum taught me and between us we've taught two nieces and my sister-in-law. Kids do so many projects at school and I don't see why knitting couldn't be included in one about, eg, cultural heritage/fashion/art/agriculture, even the two World Wars. One of my nieces is doing a project on movies and Hollywood, so if that can be looked at, surely so can knitting (movies = Wallace and Gromit = knitting). Of course, you'd need teachers who can knit, or disclosure checked volunteers and there'd be the cost of the kit, but I reckon it'd be really good for kids.
  5. angel8676

    TOOOOOOO Early Tuesday ......

    HI Buzy and all who follow. I've also had a rotten night and I'm mostly blaming Callum. He wouldn't settle and ended up in beside us, where he spent the night lying on me/with his head suashed against mine snorng in my ear/kicking mekicking the blanket off and generally being a menace. OH was up at 4.30 as he's away on business for a few days so I've been properly awake since then and to top it off, I had a nightmare which killed the only decent bit of sleep I had, I can't get the dream out of my head and I'm frazzled already :-S I'm just wating for my ipod to charge then I'm off back to bed with a cuppa and a warm hot cross bun and will hopefully get a bit of a kip before Hazel decides it's time to get up. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz A lazy day is on the cards I think. I'll maybe catch up with you later one I've had a snooze.
  6. angel8676

    Fresh Friday

    Hallo! Where is everyone this morning? It's a gorgeous day again here, so we're going out again. We're off to my friend's house this morning where we've been promised lots of lovely munchies. Another couple of friends and their kids are coming too so it should be really good fun. I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday I had more unexpected visitors - my brother and his two daughters. They're having car problems so have had to come into the city with his OH in the morning while she's at work because my niece has a dancing comp this weekend and dress rehearsals through the week. It costs too much to drive the big car into Aberdeen, home again, back in for rehearsals, home again and finally back in to collect his OH and then home again, so they came to mine instead. It was nice seeing them. He took the kids to the kids' club at the cinema to see Megamind, home for lunch and then off to the park for a bit so I had a bit of time to myself, which I spent playing with Hazel, making lunch and tidying up. Then it was off to see a pal, taking my youngest niece while her sister was at dancing, then home for more playing. Callum and his cousin get on like a house on fire so he had a ball. Needless to say, I got no knitting done yesterday and probably won't get any done today either. I did, however, finish a scarf on Thursday. It was a one hour scarf but took me much longer cos I had to keep putting it down to see to the baby/dostuff for Callum/answer the phone, etc. It's lovely though and the colour - red - is fab! Hope you find some oomph for shopping Buzy. I was in Matalan last week and they had some gorgeous dresses which would be ideal for a wedding, but I didn't look at the size range. Better go and get myself and the sprogs ready to go out. Enjoy your day everyone! :-)
  7. angel8676

    Wacky Wednesday

    Hi all, Not been around for a few days for a variety of reasons - mad busy, unexpected guests, pc problems and spending as much time outdoors in the fantastic weather as possible. So, I'm just catchin gup on everyone now. Hazel's been in super hungry mode today, so I'll probably not get on for long, but thought I'd grab the chance to say hi while I can as she's currently in smiley babbly mode :cheese: Will try to get back on tomorrow for a proper catch-up. Hope everyone's well meantime and that those who aren't get better very soon x
  8. angel8676

    Little Update from me

    Hi Giddy, Sorry to hear you're feeling so rotten. I can totally sympathise. My pregnancies were no fun at all. Even cleaning my teeth made me sick, right the way through. Hope you're on teh mend from pregnancy related and ilness related sickness very soon. Dreamy, I know what you mean about having no time to yourself. It can only get better as these babes get bigger :-) x
  9. angel8676

    Wondeful Wednseday :-)

    What a glorious day it's been. I spent most of it outside trying to get the garden sorted out - my goodness that's a big job this year - while Callum dug in his hole. lol Other than that, I've not done much. Had to nip down to the supermarket for milk about 8.30pm and passed a few groups of teens on the way. It's probably really silly, but I find groups like that quite intimidating. Anyway, it was fine, but on the way back there was a group of four lads hanging about the path. One dropped his trousers and said "do you like my boxer shorts?" I just kept looking straight ahead and walked on by. He then said: "Had a good look you f***ing pervert!" I was so tempted to set down my shopping, turn and give him the answer he deserved, but I decided discretion was the better part of valour so just ignored him and kept going. Brave lad. Bet he wouldn't have done it if he was on his own, or if I wasn't on my own. OH thinks I should've reported it, because that sort of behaviour could really upset or alarm someone, but I couldn't describe any of them or even say what they were wearing so I haven't. Sounds like you've all been enjoying the fine weather - except you Buzy. I hope you're feeling better tomorrow. Off to be now. Night night.
  10. angel8676

    Overcast Tuesday ........

    Well it looks like the sun has come to NE Scotland today for a wee holiday. It's been absolutely glorious all day :cheese: with a fine breeze to stop us overheating. It's been fab. That's the first time I've left the house without a jacket for months! :cheese: Took Hazel to the baby clinic to get weighed today. She's now a whoppig 9lbs 8ozs! Ireckon that's pretty good going. You all sound very busy and fit. I'm impressed. I've started a baby boy's tank top (I liked the colours and didn't want to do it in pink) and have finished the back already so I'm quite pleased with myself. Hoiping to get started on the front tonight though I'm quite tempted t go for a hike with the dog if it stays fine. It was too hot for him earlier. Floyd doesn't do well in the heat. Anyway I'd better toddle off as my BIG girl has stopped gabbling and sounds like she wants fed.
  11. angel8676

    Bright & Beautiful Monday

    Lol Buzy! I wouldn't put it past me. I have a knack for falling asleep in strange places and have been known to sleep standing up (though not since I was a kid)! It may have to be a coffee cake.... ;-P
  12. angel8676

    1st proper garment I've crocheted

    That's gorgeous Dreamy, well done you!. I'll bet Z looks gorgeous in it.
  13. angel8676

    Bright & Beautiful Monday

    Morning ladies from a very sleepy me. I was up half the night, not with the baby but with the dog who wasn't well and kept having to be let out. Then of course when he finally settled down, I couldn't get back to sleep! We were meant to be going to the kids' club at the cinema today but overslept. The wee man's eyeing up the baking bits I got for Mother's Day so I've a feeling we'll be in the kitchen instead. That'll mean a trip to the supermarket cos we've no eggs and ot much flour. The walk might wake me up a bit. Su2ie I can well believe the fve hours. Some days it seems that all Hazel wants to do is feed and grab a few brief power naps to bolster her along the way. Good for you Buzy. When did you last make something for yourself? Hi RC. Hope you're doing fine.
  14. angel8676

    Gallery Items for Spring Exhibition

    Gorgeous stuff Buzy! I like the animals best :-) but I think everything will sell as it's all lovely.
  15. angel8676

    Mothering Sunday

    Hello ladies and happy Mother's Day. Me and the dog are the only ones up in my house, so there definitely won't be breakfast in bed for me. So I've made myself a cup of tea and am contemplating tidying up the mess left by Callum and my two nieces yesterday (I was too tired to do it last night). Hazel started rumbling, then gabbling and woke me up just before 8 (which is quite late for her), then promptly went back to sleep! I've got a lovely card and little flower thing with a photo of Callum in the middle of it. He made both at nursery and they're lovely. I think I'll pop onto Kemps and treat myself. They've got some very cheap Big Softie and I've got a pattern for a jacket that I've fancied making for ages... Hope you all have a lovely day. x