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  1. Sharpie137

    Which EMBOSSING MACHINE is best to buy and use?

    Hi, I got a Cuttlebug for Christmas and I LOVE it. The only downside is that you can't use it for large pieces of card. As mentioned by somebody else - I could do with giving up work so I would have more time to play!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sharpie137

    Pink Butterfly....

    Thanks! Will have a look.
  3. Sharpie137

    Pink Butterfly....

    I've never seen that twizzle stuff before, it looks really cool - might have to investigate! BTW the necklace and earrings are gorgeous.
  4. Sharpie137

    Online fabric?

    Doh! How stupid of me!!!! Can u tell i never went to university??????????
  5. Sharpie137

    Online fabric?

    Oh dear... I can feel a bit of a spending spree coming on!!! Is there a pub nearby where I can send my other half while I am 'browsing'??????? As for the other place - it looks amazing! A weekend away in the caravan might be in order!
  6. Sharpie137

    Online fabric?

    Thank you Sue, might have to make a trip to Lancaster sometime soon! I live not too far away in South Cumbria.
  7. Sharpie137

    Online fabric?

    Thanks, never thought of that! Have just discovered some material i bought ages ago so when I've used that I'll go fabric hunting in town - there are a couple of places that have curtain fabric nearby.
  8. Sharpie137

    Online fabric?

    Hi, I've decided to go back to sewing but there aren't many fabric retailers where I live. I see lots of fabrics in magazines but can't get it locally. Does anybody know the best place to buy fabric online? I'll be making clothes for myself and accessories, bags, etc (hopefully!!!)
  9. Sharpie137

    Magenta Bag Pattern Lets Knit December 08

    Thank you for that, I can feel a shopping spree coming on!!!
  10. Hi, I'm wanting to knit the bag featured in the magazine in December 08, and can get hold of the felting wool, but cannot find anwhere that still stocks the Stylecraft PomPom. Can anybody suggest an alternative yarn I could use? Please...
  11. Sharpie137

    Yay, first issues here :)

    I have just finished reading my mag and absolutely loved it! Can't wait to get sewing again, it's been a while, but this mag has definately reawakened my interest in sewing! Definately going to make the top, not sure about the dress, maybe a bit short for me. There is now so much I want to do. I was put off sewing a couple of years ago after i recovered my 3 piece suite - it took ages and was quite a difficult job to do, never tackled anything on that scale before. Put my machine away and never wanted to see it again ever! But this brilliant mag has got me raring to go again. Well done to everybody involved, can't wait till the next issue!