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  1. Hello everyone! I was just wondering why the Winners on the Make Jewellery Challenge's are not shown in the magazine anymore? Or am i missing it? I am going to enter this months competition, but the highlight of the competition was the thought that If I won then it would be in the magazine? Lots of love Sophie xx
  2. oooo fabby! Glad you liked my prize hun! Excuse my child-like handwriting!!! lol! Now make some more button creations for me Helen!!! I am very excited to see your work! xxxx
  3. sophielogue2

    A Different kind of jewellery/bead swap- sign up by 15th June

    Here is Debbies finished pieces made with my beads above! Im really chuffed with them!!! Hope to do more swaps like this in the future!! I just sent off Debbie's Jewellery swap today! I forgot to take a photo of the beads though!! Doh! Sophie xxxx
  4. sophielogue2

    July Issue

    Hi Maggie? Did you receive yours? When did you ask for it to be posted and when did it pop through the letter box? I asked for mine to be posted on tuesday and nothing so far. I went out to get it as there was only one left in my local news agent and what with people saying that MJ has told them that they have run out of copies I wasnt willing to take the risk.
  5. sophielogue2

    July Issue

    Still not received mine... Despite the fact they said they would put one in the post for me on Tuesday! :-(
  6. sophielogue2

    A Different kind of jewellery/bead swap- sign up by 15th June

    Helloooo! I started it off! I sent my beads off yesterday afternoon!!!! ooooooo exciting!!!!
  7. sophielogue2

    July Issue

    Hi Ladies! I have also not received my magazine either..... I have phoned MJ Twice to try and get another copy sent out to me. i phoned last friday and again on tuesday both times they said one would go out in the post but now its friday and I have received nothing! I am also annoyed. As I keep seeing it in the shops, howeveri cannot buy it just incase i actually do get it in the post!!! please MJ can I have my magazine now?!?! Pretty please? Sophie xx
  8. sophielogue2

    A Different kind of jewellery/bead swap- sign up by 15th June

    Btw! I wanna be paired up with someone with equal mental crazy taste as me lol!
  9. sophielogue2

    A Different kind of jewellery/bead swap- sign up by 15th June

    I will also take part hun! This sounds like such good fun!!! I have a few beads in my stash that I dunno what to do with. Maybe my swap partner will have better luck!! Sophie xxx
  10. Hello Everyone! Well firstly i would like to say thank you for all the fantastic entries! It took me ages to decide on a winner.... So the winner is.... ABSAMON!!! Congratulations hun! The reason I picked it was because it was so unique and i loved the quirky "push the button" part! Well done and a selection of button goodies will be on its way to you soon! Thanks everyone for entering! Sophie xxx
  11. Hi Everyone! This is my first challenge.. I figured my first ever challenge had to be something to do with Buttons as some of you may already know I am crazy on Buttons! So my challenge to you is to make a piece of jewellery or accessory such as key ring, bag charm book mark etc.... using BUTTONS! This challenge will close on Saturday 22nd of May at 6pm! The Winner will receive a lovely button themed goody prize!! Good Luck everyone! So excited to see what you all come up with! Sophie xxxx Lottie's Lockets
  12. hey all the challenge is now closed! I will be announcing the winner asap! Look out for the winner in the hall of fame! xxx
  13. lovely makes maritrez and Julie! i think i am going to have a hard job on my hands! any last entries? xxxxx
  14. Great makes Lovely Horns and Maggie! I think I am going to have quite a task on my hands choosing the winner :-S
  15. Hello Everyone! What a great challenge! Well heres my entry! Its made using Turquoise Rounds, Freshwater Pearls, Hot Pink Agate, silver spacers and also a butterfly that some people might recognise! I have wanted to make a long necklace for a v long time (excuse the pun) and this challenge gave me that push to do it! Decided to use 2 strands of tiger tail and thread the turquoise on both stands and the pearls agate one of each! Im quite please with the result! Thanks for looking xx
  16. Lovely entry! love the gold! it has such a nice vintage feel to it hun! Julie? Would you be able to pick just one for me? how about the one with the holed buttons? xxx
  17. love your entry michelle! :-) I'm looking forward to entering this one!!!
  18. love your entry michelle! :-) I'm looking forward to entering this one!!!
  20. Yeah thats fine hun! Great Bracelet! Going to have a job deciding the winner!!!
  21. sophielogue2

    My Daughter's makes

    WOW! What lovely makes! My favourite is the last one the knotted one! I agree your daughter is very talented! I think you might have a future jewellery designer on your hands! xxxx
  22. Fantastic Entry Nicola! Also looking forward to seeing your button make Julie! xxx
  23. sophielogue2

    Make Jewellery issue 13 challenge - CLOSED

    Wonderful makes everyone! Ran outof time to enter this one! I will enter next month! Good luck everyone! xxxx
  24. sophielogue2

    Ideas for pretty girls bracelets

    Hiya! I think I would do them differently, maybe the same design just in different colours, even though there is a risk of squabling I think them all having something different is alot nicer than all completely the same. I dont know of any websites for small childrens bracelets however I have found that button charm bracelets are a big seller! When im selling out at a market loads of mummies buythem for their little girls. You and do them in loads of colour combonations and if its on chain you can make a bit of chain at the end for extending it. For the boys I would say wooden bead strech bracelets there are so many kool wooden beads for boys at the moment. (Sorry girls are more of my expertise having a daughter myself) Anything jewel realited for girls bracelets are a winner or cute little flimo food beads (depending on your budget) Hope ive helped! What a great idea for party bags. I will have to remember this for my daughter next birthday! xxxx
  25. sophielogue2

    affirmation rings

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SILVER-PLATED-"HOPE"-AFFIRMATION-RING-4-YOUR-NECKLACE_W0QQitemZ200452359518QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxq20100322?IMSfp=TL100322154001r33985 theres hope!