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  1. Dark Fairy

    My second sewing project

    That's lovely , I am sure your Nan will be delighted. love n light Chrisxxx
  2. Dark Fairy

    Where did I go wrong (and still end up right)?

    I'm with Artym on this one sounds like a crafters happy accident to me. Glad you got a lovely dress anyway. love n light Chris xxx
  3. Dark Fairy

    Experience of Multi Sized clothing patterns (Simplicity)

    Hi There, I have used simplicity patterns in the past . Where you have a multi size pattern, and no seam allowance included, draw the outline that corresponds to your little ones measurements, then measure all around outline and make dots every couple of inches on the straight bits and every inch or half inch in tighter spots, join the dots following the exact shape of your outline. Hope that helps, that is how I used to do it on vogue patterns and others that had no seam allowance. love and light Chrisx
  4. Dark Fairy

    Can you please help?

    Invest time in your measuring and cutting of your pattern pieces. Take time to tailor tack, then pin and tack your pieces, and the sewing is the easy bit!! As someone who has made everything from wedding dresses to patchwork, I would advise this every time. Love light and good luck with the book. Chrisx
  5. Dark Fairy

    lucite flower earrings

    They too are lovely Kate, they sing of spring, heralding the colour coming back into the world. Have a great new year chrisx
  6. Dark Fairy

    Spikey Earrings

    Oooh what a lovely piece of classic design. Sometimes simplicity really pops, what fab earrings, they are great. Chrisx
  7. Dark Fairy

    bracelet for my brother

    That is a lovely bracelet for a guy Kate, bet your brother loved it. Chrisx
  8. Hi Everyone, well I have finally found the challenges. Computer donkey who me- lol. Best get my thinking cap on love n light Chrisx
  9. Thanks for replying lovely folk, I keep getting the subs page but no login, and I still keep getting emails asking me to renew- all very odd. Could a moderator please give me an idiot guide please. Love n Light Chrisxxx
  10. :-) Ooh I am definitely going to join in this time,love n light Chrisx
  11. Hi Everyone, I have just renewed my subscription and duly went off to subsclub.net to login, and didn't get a login page. Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, as a technophobe, it is usually my fault! Many thanks Chrisx
  12. Dark Fairy

    Glue help please

    Hi Kerry, I would recommend two types of glue for metal to metal, one is E6000 from madcow beads, i got it after seeing it advertised in the latest mag, and some problem crystals are finally stuck fast. For larger piedces of metal try Devcon 5 two pack epoxy- i think Cookson gold do it. Hope you get your metal stuck it is frustratinf when a piece doesn't hold. all the best Chrisx
  13. Dark Fairy

    Tiara's by me

    They are beautiful, you should be very proud of yourself. love n light Chrisx
  14. Dark Fairy

    Could you help me please?

    Well I haven't actually seen the article you are trying to achieve, but if I wanted a loop at each end of a beaded article, using pony beads; I would loop my first end, thread on the beads, then loop the other end and hide and glue the tail end of thread/thong/elastic in a bead. is that of any help? Good luck with your project :-) love n light Chrisx
  15. Dark Fairy

    Make Jewellery Issue Challenges.

    I too would like to see who wins the challenges, I might pluck up the courage to enter one then. Love n light Chrisx