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  1. Lauren1366717255

    design help

    HI everyone after a long break from jewellery making I have decided to finally start again. I have gotten really interested in diamond glaze and glossy accents and have bought some charms to make a bracelet with. I am so stuck on what theme to base my bracelet on.I want to be able to come up with my own images, but can't draw. I am not very creative after all. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  2. Lauren1366717255

    Issue 28

    I regulary switch between crafts and decided to start making jewellery again , more specifically using polymer clay which I first noticed from issue 2 with the love heart charms. I loved this project and have found many ideas on polymer clay beads since. But today I got issue 28 when I noticed on the cover 'six make and wear polymer clay ideas'. When I opened the magazine there are only 2 projects using polymer clay and one of them is free to make online! Nothing really stands out this issue either - where have all the fun and pretty projects gone?!
  3. Lauren1366717255

    Fimo! :-S

    I've used fimo soft clay for a while now and keep getting dishearted with it. I'm just not good with the clay at all - I can't seem to make anything of any use. A few weeks ago I decided to give it a go again when I saw a skinner blend cane made without a pasta machine. I kept trying and trying but the colours just did not mix and instead I ended up with two sides of different colours and no graduation even when I followed instructions and folded and folded the clay. I used fimo soft clay and am really disappointed as I have wasted two blocks of clay. Has anyone got any ideas? Why won't the colours mix?
  4. Lauren1366717255

    2010 MJ Mags Issues

    Hey I know it has been a couple of months since you posted but I used to have issues of MJ that I never managed to keep and have put them into a binder so unfortunately I will be unable to swap with you. What I think may be a good idea is if you went online and had a look at some bead shops. In the shops it will only be the latest issue on display, but if you go to this website, Mailorder Beads, they have some back issues if you would like to buy them. They are at £4.49 each.. Here is the link: http://www.mailorder-beads.co.uk/shop/make-jewellery/ I hope this helps you. I have never used Ebay but you might be able to find some on there perhaps a little bit cheaper. Keep checking other websites too, such as Shiney Rocks and Beads Direct as they sell Make Jewellery there. Hope this helps.
  5. Lauren1366717255

    Help with jewellery clay

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and would be grateful if I could have some help. ( I have posted this on another jewellery forum too. ) I started using polymer clay a while ago but keep getting disheartened with it. I keep losing patience when it comes to conditioning the clay as I have bought some brand new blocks of clay (including 'soft' ones) in the past from different shops which have been hard and so they need a lot more conditioning. I feel a bit nitpicky but I also dislike how the clay feels in my hands. I have recently started using air dry clay and then have realised that the clay is not waterproof or durable enough for jewellery. I do like the way the clay feels in the hands and find it much more malleable than polymer as well as the fact that an oven isn't required. I'm wondering whether there are any other clays which I could use for making beads? Thank you for your help.
  6. Lauren1366717255

    April issue- wowie

    A bit disappointed when I found out that the free bag books weren't just a send away offer but you have to pay for the postage and you can't pay safely online either. It didn't say that on the front at all and I was looking forward to my free book. I love the iced gems project so yummy.
  7. Lauren1366717255

    free book - pay only P+P

    Hello. I bought the Knitting collection one as I like to knit too. It was £2.99 for postage, so I guess it's the same for the Make Jewellery one. Hope this helps.