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    very pretty one and all bc x
  2. boxclever

    More Mulberry - WHITE on pink/purple

    lovely, the Mulberry paper is so delicate Bcx
  3. boxclever

    Final Mulberry - Purple and Peel-offs

    pretty cards, and love the reappearance of mulberry paper bc x
  4. boxclever


    Here's a picture of my stamp storage - well most of it - I need to more files to finish it off. The rest are in A4 folders but I'm changing to A5 because they're easier to handle. Another good storage wheeze is, I use 3 of those hanging shoe caddies on the insides of my craft cupboard doors. They're great for miscellaneous stuff. I've just been to check what actually is in there and it includes: pliers, eyelet fixer, ribbon on reels that won't fit into my ribbon tins, packets of foam pads, fabric conditioner sheets, barbecue sticks, string (a lot of string) hot glue sticks ..... Please keep the ideas coming - I need all the help I can get! Bc x
  5. boxclever

    pretty birthday card

    Thanks Mariitrez
  6. boxclever

    pretty birthday card

    Hi I haven't been here for ages - I disabled it to stop the barrage of awful spam I was getting, and then couldn't get back on, but now I've got it going again, hopefully minus spam. Here's a card I made for one of my crafting friends a couple of weeks ago Bcx
  7. boxclever

    Anniversary card

    Lovely - bet they were delighted Bc x
  8. boxclever

    Some of my recent commissions :)

    fantastic! how do you do them (if it's not a trade secret!) Bc x
  9. boxclever

    Some recent wedding cards

    Lovely cards, and how lucky you had the paper for the replacement Bc x
  10. boxclever

    pretty birthday card

    It's nice to be back, sorry the picture is so badly lit Thanks for all your lovely comments
  11. boxclever

    Yesterday/today's makes

    Great cards - you must work like greased lightning, to get so many done Bcx
  12. boxclever

    Punch drunk!

    Nice cards - you're certainly making the most of your bargain find! Bc x
  13. boxclever

    Anniversary cards

    Lovely cards - the toppers look very complex
  14. boxclever

    Advice on sticky stuff...

    I use double sided tape (the 5cm wide sort) I put some on the back of the card before die cutting, and once it's die cut, just peel the backing layer off and hey presto a sticky backed die cut. You can also put the tape on the front of the card, cut out and then cover your die cut with glitter. Great for butterflies, snowflakes ...
  15. boxclever


    really cute cat images, shame it took so much effort to post them, but well worth it
  16. boxclever

    christmas cards

    Lovely cards - you're well on your way to your target
  17. boxclever


    very pretty, love the butterflies - are they easy to do?
  18. boxclever

    CB 284 - Christmas cards from cover gift

    Lovely cards and so quick off the mark! I've only made 2 so far with mine
  19. boxclever

    Simple birthday cards

    very pretty - I'm sure they'll do well for your charity
  20. boxclever


    Hi Maritrez - you mean stash has to be organised! Seriously though, I do have one bit of organisation that works for me. I have all (well most) of my clear stamps in A5 binders in themes. If there is say a butterfly in a set of flower stamps, I take it out and put it with butterflies. Now all my acrylic sentiments are in 2 folders arranged by subject, it's so easy to find a greeting which fits the card I'm working on. And getting rid of most of the packaging means they take up much less room. But as for the rest of my stash ....
  21. boxclever


    lovely cards - you have been busy. I'm sure they'll be very popular and make money for your cause bc x
  22. boxclever

    baby card

    Thanks Martinez x
  23. boxclever

    baby card

    Hi I was asked to make a baby card for someone, so this is what I came up with. I saw a card with a pram like this on it on Pinterest and I thought it would be quite easy to adapt it to make the whole card into a pram. I had fun doing it Bc
  24. boxclever

    Birthday Card

    Super card, I love the diamond fold, and your die cut panels add a very pretty feminine touch bcx
  25. boxclever

    Bird House

    Brilliant make - love it bc x