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    knitting, cross stitch, reading,making jewellery, playing on the wii and spending time with my gorgeous family
  1. LindseyandMatthew

    thank you card

    thank you, I just loved making them too and it was only strips of ribbon folded into the centre and secured with a button. I think they look really effective and my daughter wants some to sew on her clothes lol
  2. LindseyandMatthew

    thank you card

    Here is a card I made today for my daughters keyworker at school. She has really helped my daughter loads as she was really shy when she started this year at school and she has really helped her confidence grow. I hope she likes it!
  3. LindseyandMatthew

    Very annoyed, disappointed and upset

    I got stung by someone like this on ebay only I was a buyer, I bought a knitting pattern thinking it was a genuine pattern, when I got it I found it was a photocopy or printout and actually available free on the internet. I learned always to check before I buy!
  4. So pleased I found this, I thought there was an error somewhere lol
  5. LindseyandMatthew

    My first attempt

    they are gorgeous, I think you are a natural x
  6. LindseyandMatthew

    Copper Christmas

    that's gorgeous, I will have to have a go at the stepper cards x
  7. LindseyandMatthew

    Bell Easel Card

    they look fantastic, well done!
  8. LindseyandMatthew

    Foxgloves card

    aww that is really pretty
  9. LindseyandMatthew

    heres my latest finish

    thanks everyone I love doing the twisted easel style cards
  10. LindseyandMatthew

    heres my latest finish

    isn't it sweet? It is free with the October issue of Cardmaking and papercraft magazine x
  11. LindseyandMatthew

    heres my latest finish

    Made this today whilst my daughter and I had an afternoon of crafting
  12. LindseyandMatthew

    Inspiration and Stitch from the LGC magazine

    thats gorgeous I love it!
  13. LindseyandMatthew

    my first ever crochet blanket :D

    Made for a premature baby charity I like to help out
  14. LindseyandMatthew

    first ever crochet make!!

    yeah I had seen that, thanks for putting those on though....its funny how we use different terms isn't it
  15. LindseyandMatthew

    first ever crochet make!!

    Thanks I will take a look at Ray of Hope. This hat was a free pattern I found absolutely tons of stuff online last night