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    card making, gardening, writing and keeping my 6 guineapigs and 1 rabbit
  1. Joanne royle

    just joined a slimming club

    well I am buzzing this morning. I have just made the decision to join a slimming club and discover a new me well eventually Yey! I go next week the lady is just starting a group of her own so it's a new journey for her too as a leader she'll be nervous and so will I. I won't feel so scared I spoke to her on the phone and she sounds lovely. I can't wait now joanne x
  2. Joanne royle

    Sunshine yellow

    5 love it it doesn't just lend itself to a birthday but get well, thinking of you allsorts of greetings because it's very cheery and would brighten anyones day joanne
  3. Joanne royle

    New Machine

    I just bought a second hand machine a brother like the one in hobbycraft for £40 it is fantastic I definitely reccomend it fairly quiet, easy to thread and is lightweight joanne x
  4. Joanne royle

    Floral edge Cameo card

    I love it maggie so beautiful, did you cut the card too on the big shot. I have a big shot and would love some more dies for it joanne x
  5. Joanne royle

    little box of roses

    no probs. I have been working on 2 cards today and came to make the boxelopes for them sorted that but when it came to making a coupke of wraps for around them both it wouldn't work, it looks like I am crafted out been busy for3 days solid time to have s few hours off me thinks joanne x
  6. Joanne royle

    little box of roses

    no they are so easy. I just googles paper roes and looked for some instructions. If you can't fined them if you pm me with your address I will send you them with pictures joanne x
  7. Joanne royle

    little box of roses

    aw thank you maggie xx
  8. Joanne royle

    little box of roses

    thamks ever so much for all your lovely comments joanne x
  9. Joanne royle

    little box of roses

    thank you. when I think back to my very first cards, they were awful. I love making things that are a bit different joanne x
  10. Joanne royle

    pretty in pink

    beautiful, love the flower,joanne x
  11. Joanne royle

    little box of roses

    hello, I hope everyone is well. I haven't been on for ages, been really busy with making cards etc, kids off school and driving me mad. Anyway I just wanted to share my latest masterpiece. I am really pleased with it as I have never done paper roses or different shape bursting box. Not bad fo a first attempt eh. It was ordered a s a gift lady wants quotes fom the musical le mis putting on the panels. Hope you like it joanne x
  12. Joanne royle

    baby pram

    aw thank you so much dawn you're so kind. I love doing the 3 d stuff and thinking outside the box so to speak joanne x
  13. Joanne royle

    birthday bag

    I know blink and you miss the years. Yes I am ok haven't knitted or crocheted anything for a while I have an unfinished doll to do. i may get around to it sometime joanne x
  14. Joanne royle

    birthday bag

    thank you nikki how is that gorgeous little girl of yours joanne x
  15. Joanne royle

    our new additions

    if you are not allergic to birds you would more than likely be ok. Homing some ex batts was the best thing I have ever done besides hatching our own chicks. The eggs are beautiful especially the bantam ones we get half the size of the larger ones and taste just gorgeous. joanne x