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  1. dogcrazycrafter

    Crochet Rudolph Decoration

    I have seen those hooks, they look good. My set of bamboo Tunisian hooks have been long enough for the patterns I have done so far. I am expecting a few crochet goodies tomorrow too. That is the dogs present to me, LOL. Happy Christmas.
  2. dogcrazycrafter

    Crochet Rudolph Decoration

    Hi, I have posted pictures of my Tunisian work as a separate topic. Glad you managed to get the book. regards, Shirley
  3. dogcrazycrafter

    Tunisian Crochet

    Thank you for your message stakreem. Here are some pictures of my Tunisian crochet you asked me to upload. I also learnt hairpin lace crochet last year but have only made a skirt so far.
  4. dogcrazycrafter

    I have mastered tunisian crochet in the round

    I have made a few things in Tunisian but have never tried it in the round. Don't think I have seen any patterns for it in the round but I would be willing to give it a go. Shirley
  5. dogcrazycrafter

    Crochet Rudolph Decoration

    Last minute make using a pattern from 20 Christmas minis book
  6. dogcrazycrafter

    My 2nd yo yo scarf

    Really pretty design and colour.
  7. dogcrazycrafter

    What are we all knitting at the moment?

    I am knitting my husband an Aran sweater but have just noticed a mistake near the beginning of the front so have got to go to the frog pool, groan.
  8. dogcrazycrafter

    Handbag Organiser

    Just finished this handbag organiser so I can change my bags over quickly and easily. With some of the leftover scraps I made a coupon holder.
  9. dogcrazycrafter

    Any Costume makers?

    Hi, Just seen your notice ,not sure if this is the same but I do make costumes for my dogs. They love to enter fancy dress comps at fun days and they have been Sherlock Bones, Jekyll and Hyde, Pirate, Easter Bunny, Police dog amongst others. Do you use sewing patterns for your costumes or design them yourself?
  10. dogcrazycrafter

    Crochet Cushion - First Attempt

    It looks really professional. Would never believe you were a beginner.
  11. dogcrazycrafter

    wanted to make a panda

    He's adorable, well done.
  12. dogcrazycrafter

    Wristwatch Pincushion

    Just finished making this pincushion so my pins are close at hand when working on sewing projects.
  13. dogcrazycrafter

    Scrapbook Page and Cards in Magazines - Updated 3/10/11

    Congratulations. It is so exciting the first time you see your work in print. Well done.
  14. dogcrazycrafter

    First Needlefelting Projects

    Thank you. The penguin kit (enough to make three penguins) was from Twist Fibre Craft Studio and I bought a pink and purples fibre pack from Hobbycraft.
  15. dogcrazycrafter

    First Needlefelting Projects

    After seeing a needlefelting kit featured in CB I bought it and made this little penguin. I have just made this butterfly brooch. I still need a lot more practice but at least I have stopped breaking the needles!