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  1. How long do the dies last for? I have a cuttlebug and need to do wedding stationery for a friend I bought the heart one am wondering how long it will last as I need to make 200? Thanks, Alison.
  2. How to you make 5 inch square inserts? Or really how to make any square inserts I hope you know what I mean. Thanks, Alison.
  3. Allie10

    Thank you to Maritrez and ?

    Thank you very much :-)
  4. Allie10

    A problem with tape and cheap paper

    Thanks for all you thoughts.I forgot to say I now only use the good Decoupage printer paper and it works a lot better and also I have realised it is best and works for me. Thanks, Alison.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anyone has noticed that if you use cheap doublesided tape and cheap printer paper in a short time it shows through the paper. I make a lot of cards like a lot of use here and while you don't need them you I put them aside and when I bring them out I find that the tape show through really bad. Which means it can't be used now so i do avoid it and use the good tape and it seems to make a difference. Regards, Alison.
  6. Thank you to Maritrez and ? I am sorry I can't make out the handwriting :red: The both cards are lovely and the the one I can't make out is a fairy card. Thanks, Alison. :-)
  7. Thank you to nikbee and Denyze for the lovely cards very kind of you both. Regards, Alison. :-)
  8. Thankyou Tiggertastic for the card I know it is late in saying thanks but am just busy and have not been on much. Kind Regards, Alison. :-)
  9. Thank you very much for your cards Thanks, Alison. :-)
  10. Hi Everyone, I thought I better let you know where I have been hiding about 2 months ago I opened up my own Craft Shop. It is going okay for now and only time will tell if I have done the right thing but for now it is all good. That is why I have not been on much and I am hoping to get on more now but with the shop may not but am still around. Bye for now. Alison.
  11. Allie10

    Gee I am in PINK mode !!

    They are all lovely cards
  12. Allie10

    Leopard handbag card

    That is lovely
  13. I just want to say am still around but not on much feeling very low and can't pull myself out it. :down: I come on and have a look on here but hardly ever post. I just wish I could get on with life but so so down these days in saying this I am glad though things are slowly looking up for me again. So hopefully I will be posting away before too long. Take care everyone I hope you all have a good weekend. bye for now. Alison.
  14. Allie10

    Car accident

    I am so sorry to hear about your accident sending you some hugs. Take care, Alison. xx
  15. Allie10

    Let's Make Cards 31 Gallery

    and one more