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  1. Hi Carolyn, I am realy sorry but I am going to have to pull out of this. I have been busy since christmas and hadnt made a start and then 4 days ago I came down with a chest infection and tonsillitis. I havnt got dressed today and I am not going to make anything any one would want in a swap anytime soon. I am really sorry to let you down.
  2. vikimuk

    SECRET SANTA - sent/received list

    Sent mine today, hope she likes it :-)
  3. Hi, I have sent 4 of mine (waiting for 1 address) and have recived 2, 1 from Clara Cluck and 1 from Wedgie Thanks ladies :-)
  4. I have had a lovely lot of post in the last few days. First a lovely Christmas card with presents on the front from Clara Cluck, then the lovely chrismas tree card and fab RAK from Wedgie. Today when i came home I had 3 stunning ATC's, butterflies from Maritrez, teddy from Purple Pixie and the christmas one from Bigbunniesuk. Thank you ladies, they are all much apreciated.
  5. vikimuk

    December ATC send by 12th Dec. Photos now added!!!

    Can I join in please
  6. Great Idea Hope my person posts on here! My like are; Forever friends Earings - but must have silver or cold earwires as I am alergic to other metals Ginger cats toffee children and childhood images Pink and black together Jack Daniels Card Making. That should be enough to be going on with, i am ridiculously easy to please, I am always touched that some one thought of me and hand made gifts almost reduce me to tears.
  7. vikimuk

    November Fat Page Swap- Christmas- 20/11/09

    Hello, can I sign up please
  8. Thank you Bigbunniesuk for the lovely Pirate theme fat page. It is stunning, especialy the treasure spilling out of the chest. I have lost my camera :down: so cant post picies untill Santa treats me. Luckily there is a great picture of it (bottom left) in the September fat page thread. Thank you again big bunniesuk, it is a lovely make.
  9. Oooohhhhh, I love christmas. Can I join up please
  10. vikimuk

    October Fat Page Swap - HALLOWEEN - photos added

    sign me up please :vampire:
  11. Thank you Maritrez for the lovely card and great RAK. It was a lovely and totally unexpected surprise. I am having camera problems so cant post a pic at the moment but I wanted to say thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity
  12. glad you liked it, hope you had a lovely holiday